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  • 3-CD changer with radio, tape and turntable.

    CD player with cassette & am/fm radio.

    Spinning CD tower.

    Box of records which sits on top of the tower.

    your time will come.
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    • 24 apr 2008, 16:01
    This is my turntable.

    Basic, plugged directly into the soundcard, which is a Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Elite Pro. Also, I have a 4.1 speaker-system.

    I used to have a tapedeck beside the turntable, but since i've ripped all my tapes, i have no need for it now, so it's put away for the time being. And when I get some new tapes, I just pick it out again. Simple, great.

    And for CD-playing, I use my HL-DT-ST DVD+- RW GWA4164B-drive in my PC

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    • 29 apr 2008, 18:47
    My system.

    <a href="[url=" nofollow=yes]"[/url]; title="stereo2 by Summerisle 2, on Flickr"><img <a href="[url=" nofollow=yes]"[/url]; title="stereo2 by Summerisle 2, on Flickr"><img

    • rooie666 sa...
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    • 3 maj 2008, 21:39

    JVC QL A2 Direct Drive

    Harman/Kardon PM640

    KEF C30

  • 2x Technics 1210 Mk2, Vestax PCV-275

    & a few vinyl...

  • Nice setups people :)
    The crazy world of a young audiophile

  • mine was a dead mans stereo that was left beside the street, because he had no living relatives and our landlord was too cheap to put it in storage.

    the 5th square has a few records in it too.

    eatin' fried potatoes & drinkin' gasoline
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    • 27 sep 2008, 17:59
    2 x Technics 1200MK2, Pioneer DJM 600 Silver

    3856 x 12" Vinyls

    But not all in my living room! ^^


    • hawkon sa...
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    • 17 nov 2008, 14:44

  • well, i'll get a pic of my set up at home - when im at home!

    but when i'm on the move, this: (i love it!)

    • Pogofied sa...
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    • 24 jun 2009, 22:04
    i don't have a record player yet cos i'm a dead broke college student living in a tiny dorm, so i play my records here (notice the TG bolt in this picture, but it wasn't there by the time i arrived. )

    typical setup of 2 technics sl1200. when i get a turntable i'm going to try to get either the sl1200's or audio technica at-pl120 but i'm not even sure if i'll have enough grants to cover everything to go to college so its not going to be anytime soon. :]

    • not-ian sa...
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    • 7 jul 2009, 04:15

    Sherwood PM9805

  • Technics SL-M3

    "Just like I knew what I was doing" -- Foe
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    • 7 aug 2009, 21:35

    Citronic PD-1mk3 Direct Drive

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    • 8 aug 2009, 22:17

    Pro-Ject RM 9.1>Sumiko Blackbird>Pro-Ject Tube Box SE MkII>Ming Da MC34AB 07>B&W 683's

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    • 27 aug 2009, 13:45

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  • Rega Planar 3 turntable... :)
    Just great. Love it as nothing.

    My record collection

    Kniggits everywhere.
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    • 16 okt 2009, 15:21
    Pro-Ject RPM 5

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 31 okt 2009, 18:07

    crapy quality, fuck it

    ugh, don't know how to resize it lol

    • MrSoreto sa...
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    • 11 nov 2009, 12:33

    A Sansui AU-217 amplifier with a matching TU-217 Tuner.
    A Pioneer PD-S601 CD player, and a Dual 506 turntable.

    Nothing special, but decent quality sound. I'm planning to gradually replace my existing set with higher quality tube-amps and MC turntable.

    A set of Tannoy Stratfords, I'm quite pleased with these for the moment.

  • my stopgap until i find a good spot in my room to set up my tech 12

  • EDIT:
    Rotel rc 1090
    Rotel rb 1070
    Reg p3 -> denon dl-160 (modding it atm)
    Technics sl-1210 MkII -> oroton Concorde Pro ( got another one but lack the space atm)
    harman kardon HD 970 cd player
    B&W dm604
    Musicstreamer III dac (* not visible on pic, sits on cd player)

    as fir wiring it's a mix of nordost,van den hul and qed.


    Redigerad av Sl0wmation den 3 apr 2011, 17:08
  • my set up


    speakers = system audio 1530
    tt = pro-ject rpm 5
    amp = arcam diva a70
    cd = arcam alpha 7
    old yamaha tuner (love the vintage backlight on it)
    that steel thing on right hand side of tuner is a chimney for me sheesha pipe !
    smoking and listening oh my oh my...

    and i love to listen to my rig. had B&W speakers before but they're weak, needed floor standers for low frequencies to travel at floor level (yeah!).
    anyway, hope someone will like the look of it !

    • mollycee sa...
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    • 19 mar 2010, 03:14

    and i have the actual vinyls in a box near my bed.

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