Hallows Die Spring 2010 Update + Exclusive Contest for Last.FM users

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    • 6 jun 2010, 22:33

    Hallows Die Spring 2010 Update + Exclusive Contest for Last.FM users

    Hallows Die - World of Ruin

    After a string of shows this May across Ontario that saw the band play with such metal heavyweights as 3 Inches of Blood, Goatwhore and Dark Tranquillity, Hallows Die would like to take this opportunity to give you an update to where we are right now. We’d like to first and foremost thank all of you again, near and far, old and new. for your never ending support, we look forward to meeting more of you crazy arseholes as we keep rolling on....

    Continue reading at http://www.myspace.com/hallowsdie
    (Just hit view more on the right hand side)

    BONUS: For all you last.fm users;

    Want a FREE, SIGNED copy of World of Ruin delivered directly to your doorstep, anywhere in the world?

    Well here's your chance:

    Step 1: Leave a comment on our shoutbox (or accompanying journal) saying your entering the contest
    Step 2: Start scrobbling!

    The dude(or dudette) with the most scrobbles of World of Ruin tracks by June 31st 2010 will get signed copy of the album mailed to them, no questions asked!

    And remember, if you want a head-start on the competition, we have two tracks available for free download on our artist page right here: Hallows Die


    Hallows Die \m/

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