• eBay (for stuff I can't find in stores)
    www.resistrecords.com.au (for local hc bands, because buying from the company is ~20% cheaper than from a restockist)
    JB HiFi
    Myspace (alot of local bands have started selling their cds directly of MS)

  • ebay and amazon. occasionally in HMV or a local records store. Really should start buying more from the bands & underground labels etc too i guess. Internet is definitely the way to go anyway!!

  • If I'm going to buy it physically I go to wherever JB Hi-Fi the mall I go to has to offer.

    If not then it's eBay.

  • Mailorder of Nuclear Blast and Amazon.
    And in shops: Metalzone and Fnac. And HMV when I'm in Londen (2 or 3 times a year).

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 17 maj 2009, 19:53
    Amazon mostly. I don't live close enough to anywhere that sells metal CDs, though every once in a while I am able visit a Movie Experts (of all places) which actually has a decent selection; I bought some Hellhammer, Nevermore, Enslaved and Morbid Angel there just to name a few.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 18 maj 2009, 11:38
    Mostly from Ebay, shops and private sellers, which are mostly German ;)

    At gigs

    At the cd-vinyl fairs, when they come near my town (2-3 times a year)

    Unfortunately cd shops here suck or are too expansive...

    • jarvouti sa...
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    • 22 maj 2009, 19:48
    • Asgrimm sa...
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    • 22 maj 2009, 23:29
    runninwild said:
    Mailorder of Nuclear Blast and Amazon.
    And in shops: Metalzone and Fnac. And HMV when I'm in Londen (2 or 3 times a year).

    I smell a fellow Belgian. Fnac is way too overpriced by the way, you can find pretty much anything they sell cheaper elsewhere.

    Here: various small mailorders (say Deaden, Christkiller or Ván for example) and local record stores. Depends on what I'm looking for. Also buying lots of 2nd hand stuff, as it's cheaper, and it's a good way to pick up hard-to-find items. And of course from the bands themselves when possible.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 23 maj 2009, 18:13
    I'm from Melbourne, Australia - so most of my CD shopping is split between Missing Link and Metal Mayhem (that store is a lot cheaper these days!). Ebay and online distros are an excellent source too - Brutal Bands, for one, is great. When I'm usually at gigs I'll pick up demos/EPs of the bands I've seen (if I have the cash haha).

    • Asgrimm sa...
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    • 24 maj 2009, 21:55
    brutalbloodlust said:
    When I'm usually at gigs I'll pick up demos/EPs of the bands I've seen (if I have the cash haha).

    Asking for a small discount because you're low on cash at (smaller) gigs often works. If you mention you'd like to buy an album - or two - but that you unfortunately don't have the cash, apparently there's a good chance you get stuff slightly cheaper. I tried it twice myself, and it worked out just fine on both occasions. On one occasion - the first Eluveitie gig in Belgium, when they were still pretty unknow - the guy at the merch even offered a discount himself when he noticed I was low on cash.

    Just give it a shot I'd say, you never know.

  • From the media sections of local department stores or from local record shops or their web stores. I never buy music digitally.

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  • Play.com
    my local independent record store + the HMW every now and again.

  • I buy most of my CDs from Dis-order, a Dutch shop. I like their selection, they have most metal bands I like: mostly black/death, both well knwon and the more underground bands. They don't have really obscure stuff. While they aren't exactly cheap, their not as expensive as regular CD-stores over here. And sometimes they have nice weekly discounts. And they charge you for shipping if you spend 35 euros (but I don't know if that applies to non-Dutch customers)

    I used to order from Large.nl, but their selection isn't too good and they allways charge for shipping.

    When I see a regular CD-store, I always took a look if they got something. Most times it's only the mainstream bands and it's overpriced. But sometimes I can find some nice CDs for nice prices. And if I want non-metal CDs, I usually go the regular stores. Media Markt sometimes has nice stuff, so does Plato. Too bad the town where I live has only FRS, and their selection sucks ass.

  • I buy my CDs over Nuclear Blast and Amazon.de

    • Razor745 sa...
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    • 5 jul 2009, 02:08
    HMf and other stores. I rarely buy on the internet. I only buy CD singles on Amazon and albums I can't find in stores.

  • Alright. I usually buy most of the shit these days either at HMV, ebay or this record shop called Encore Records. I find the stuff on ebay is a lot less pricey and is your best bet for getting CDs. Other places usually charge too damn much for shipping.

  • Mainly from www.play.com

    If I can't find it their the ebay

  • Mainly Play.com, Record Label sites and Gigs

  • Nuclear Blast, Napalm Records, plus there is a huge music store in my area, where you can find thousands of CDs, including rare and limited editions, and vinyl.

    • mattfca sa...
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    • 7 feb 2010, 22:00
    I buy at HMV or Sunrise. Generally speaking they have shite selection, but the Toronto Superstore at Yonge and Bloor is pretty good. If something is hard to get I may order online or I'll pick it up at a show.

  • mattfca, do you know the SonicBoom place at intersection of Bloor and Buthurst? It's incredible: http://www.sonicboommusic.com/

    • mattfca sa...
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    • 7 mar 2010, 08:02
    no but i'll check it out. thanks!

    • smoke667 sa...
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    • 7 mar 2010, 11:42
    Nuclear Blast, Amazon or directly from bands merchandise

  • Online from The End Records , Razorback Records , Barbarian Wrath , Nuclear Blast USA , directly from the band in most cases especially when it comes to small not-so-well known underground bands . Very rarely can i pick up a Metal album at a local music retail chain . If ever its anyways a cd by well known bands like Megadeth , Iron Maiden and the odd Morbid Angel cd one might come across

    • Yinobia sa...
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    • 14 apr 2010, 19:08
    I always prefer buying them in a music store or market, because you can talk to the traders, maybe get some recommendations and stuff... unfortunately I don't have a real music store in my town, so sometimes I have to order on Amazon or whatever(to lazy to search on Ebay)

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