Forced Listening Thread!

  • Forced Listening Thread!

    Hopefully this isn't already made/breaking the rules/whatever. But, figured a new game would be cool. Simply called, Forced Listening.

    One person posts a song (from off of Youtube Google or Yahoo video, or wherever else), and the next person to post has to listen to the ENTIRE song, give their thoughts/personal review on the song, and then post a new song for the next poster to listen to.

    Rules? None really, just try to avoid posting 20+ minute songs. I'll start.

  • It was fairly decent, certainly grew on me as it went on... 7/10

  • This song has something powerful and I definitely like it! 8/10
    (Needed to search for another video, because I couldn't see this particular one. I'm from Germany. ;))

  • not bad rather catchy 7/10

  • 7/10 beautiful voices

  • A lot too quiet for my liking, but it is not bad. 5/10

    • Otokichi sa...
    • Användare
    • 2 dec 2011, 03:33
    An interesting band and an interesting song. I'm left wondering who is missed...7/10

    Education can't be confiscated at the border
  • Interesting I like it wasn't sure what to expect as the only other song I've ever heard by her was "one of us". 6/10

  • 6/10 - Jazz mixed with rock elements? Unusual sound, but not bad. The singer's voice made it seem more boring than it really was. The music wasn't bad, but the voice made it dull overall. Doesn't help that I'm not big on jazz; the sax player was pretty badass though.

    • Otokichi sa...
    • Användare
    • 5 dec 2011, 04:30
    Another singer-songwriter who sounds like making music is an easy amble through life. 8/10 - Would a fan do the honor of describing him at
    Here's a local classic that ambles along through the air...

    Education can't be confiscated at the border
  • Great song to calm down and have a daydream...7/10

    • DerTr sa...
    • Användare
    • 5 dec 2011, 11:13
    wow, great start and unexpected continuation. the parts are really different, I can't tell I like all of them, but some are really cool. 7/10

  • 9/10 - Knocking a point off for the voice; not a fan of it. However, the song is badass. The drums are really fucking good, and the solo that kicks in around 1:55 is pretty damn awesome. Really, really good song music-wise, not so good vocally. Just checked them out on though, Googling them didn't get me much results. Gonna go download their free mp3's. :3
    Edit: Wait, that's *your* band? I just saw your signature, lol. Kudos.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
    • Användare
    • 8 dec 2011, 00:15
    I can't stand C&C, mostly because of the vocalist, aside from finding them boring. 4/10

  • This song is nothing special in my opinion, but it is still very good and I like those kinds of music...7/10

    • Otokichi sa...
    • Användare
    • 9 dec 2011, 05:09
    Lively band with an interesting song, they're going places...7/10
    Here's a band that was formed in Hawaii and plays in Chicago these days. (Please excuse the commercial by Vevo...)

    Education can't be confiscated at the border
  • 6.5/10 - Weird as all hell. Not bad though, really up-beat and catchy. I thought he was going to bust out a solo at the end. Nevertheless, pretty good. :>

  • Yep, never heard of them, but they won a new listener! :) I really like it. 9/10

  • What the hell did I just watch? D: That was strange as hell. Not sure how to rate it, really. It kept my interest though; I liked it in a weird way. I actually had to pause and skip to the end to make sure there wasn't one of those screamer/jumper images at the end. Overall, 8/10.

    • Otokichi sa...
    • Användare
    • 18 dec 2011, 14:58
    I couldn't figure out what kind of a band this was, so I checked out their page. "Heavy Metal"? How can this be, most metallic groups scream and slur their lyrics. This band is going places, in spite of the Dark/Blue tone of this track. 8/10. And now for something completely different and Local:

    No trendy video, no slide show, no provocative poses, just a "Charlie Brown" moment.

    Education can't be confiscated at the border
  • Not sure what to think about it. Like having a perfect christmas day on the beach...I don't really like it, because I'm used to snow on christmas. 5/10

    (Ignore the spanish subtitles ;))

  • I really really like it, I think the band is great in general. They have better songs imo though. 9/10

    The song starts in 2:20.

    "Everyone thinks they want to be connected.
    If you don’t have the courage to do that, us five will be your friends. You will be our sixth friend."
    - Alice Nine.
  • Oh my, again these Japanese boys:P
    I don't understand this long intro without music and I don't like this sooo positive attitude, although in 2:57 I feel power which I like. So nice that there r words. I hate Japanese language, what can I say, I couldn't stand this videoclip, really, I am totally forced and in 4:05 the lead songer looks like gay. I don't like this idead to create clips while giving concert in front of camera. Their English is not so bad, after all. Sorry, 6/10. Because of nice music notes included. Outro is boring.

  • Can't understand a word. But I really like the french language. :) And I'm quite sure this song is about begging for forgivness. At least I think it is a very nice song and her voice fits perfectly with the lightness of the song. :) 8/10

  • That's pretty cool. At first I wasn't so keen on the vocals in the verses, but the contrast between verse and chorus is pretty cool. 8/10

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