• National Lowered Standards Day (August 4)

    30 apr 2010, 04:14 av Conservationist

    We propose a Federal holiday to celebrate working in a lowest common denominator state. It's about time. We've been killing productivity, celebrating the half-done, norming to a lowest common denominator, and ignoring the world around us for years. It's just time to make it official.

    National Lowered Standards Day (August 4)
  • Please reverse these changes.

    18 apr 2010, 19:22 av HealeyIsland

    Like many, if not all, members of Lastfm, I am very disappointed with the changes made to listening arrangements on the site. The quality of our experience is severely diminished. The site is now a million miles away from the LastFM I joined in 2006: a site that was a welcoming home to a vibrant community of independent musicians from across the world. At one time this was a great place to discover new music. Remember when you could listen to whole albums without having to change pages or fuss about clicking the next play button? That was taken away quite some time ago. Now the ability to listen to whole tracks has been taken away, replaced instead with 30 second previews.

    Yes, the radio stations are great, but this was only ever a small part of what the site once offered. Without being able to choose and listen to full tracks on demand LastFM is something of a hollow experience.

    So come on LastFM - please give us back the wonderful site we used to know.
  • INTERESTING TIMES zine #4 released

    13 apr 2010, 13:41 av Conservationist

    Interesting Times, the 'zine that is part 2600, part Vice Magazine, Soldier of Fortune's bastard cousin, Modern Drunkard's drinking buddy, and a smattering of Playboy (plus garnished with Mother Earth News, Fortean Times and Oprah Magazine), has finally released its fourth issue!


    Features articles by CORRUPT's Alex Birch and Amerika.org's Brett Stevens, in addition to many others.
  • The Genre Exploration Project

    7 maj 2010, 07:20 av Ozzloaf

    I've decided to set out on a new venture, which is to listen to the highest rated album of EVERY sub-genre on RateYourMusic. This will take forever, surely, but I believe it will be worth it. When I look at it, I've actually experienced so very little of the musical realm, and I want to experience essentially every type of music there is. I will not be skipping any sub-genres, unless I don't believe that it is really a musical thing, such as (non-musical) comedy albums, or various spoken word albums, or if I've already listened to the highest rated album from the genre. If I truly hate something, then I'm not going to force myself to listen to it, but the criteria is that I have to listen to 25 min of each album before turning it off.


    I'll post about my experiences on my blog: http://voidofemptinessmusic.blogspot.com/

    If anyone wants to join me in this experience, go ahead.

    4 maj 2010, 00:13 av johnTMcNeill

    I'll be glad to clear up any confusion- surprised there is any- but here goes....

    From day one (April 12, 2010) I have never agreed that the changes were an improvement in any way - at least not to me. I did not care one way or another about the appearance, charts, etc. that some people referred to. I certainly would not oppose ANYthing someone else wanted- as long as it did not interfere with what I already had and used.

    I loved the full-track on-demand privilege and used it constantly to screen music and put it in a playlist- or send it to someone-. Or listen to it immediately when they sent ME something- and respond back with a chuckle, or whatever.

    I often put the 30 sec. recommendations I received into an on-going playlist- so that I could someday hear the dang thing. If I happened to be in front of the computer when it came up and had the time I would place it THEN into a more appropriate playlist- "guitar" or whatever.

    I set out to build playlists the way I had been doing for years- taking the best of what I had and putting it into my own personal playlists.

    Once I "discovered" a new artist (new to me) I enjoyed going back to his page and listening to more. It is not at all unusual for me to LOVE one song by an artist and strongly DISLIKE another. That's what always frustrated me about albums.

    I have been making my own cassettes since the 80's. Actually my first compilation was a 4 track for my car in the late sixties. (some of the songs were off of 45s--) Then I had 8 tracks- then cassettes. I most often played the cassettes simply because I had 2 little boys running around and I did not want to have to "kill" them for scratching my albums by bumping into the table-------I would buy an album, record what I liked, then put it up out of their reach- for the next 20 years. I kid you not.

    When cds came out I found them to be much more durable and harder to scratch- so I began my cd collection.

    I bought HUNDREDS of "used" cds from a place called CD Warehouse- usually for around $5 - a bargain-- and the thing that I really liked was that I could ALWAYS hear the cd first- they had little "boomboxes" around the place with headphones. If a cd had several songs I liked, I would usually buy it. If it was just one song I didn't.

    And just for the record- I have NEVER downloaded music illegally even though several people have told me how to. I just don't feel it is the right thing to do- the artist deserves something in exchange for his creation. My shouts are simply my way of saying thank you to the kind artists who have made their music available to me for free.

    I spent many a Saturday afternoon going through the bargain bins- reading the covers- and often "discovered" some of my favorites (now) for 99 cents! Never heard of them- but I would read that "he was the guitarist for Journey for 12 years"- and I would think "can't be TOO bad" and I would give it a listen. Be dang--- Neal Schon-- one of my favorites now- but as a solo artist he was an unknown to me. I had no idea who he was- neither did anyone else- that's why it was 99 cents.

    You ever hear of Craig Chaquico? He was the guitarist for Jefferson Starship- and is now another one of my favorites. I have ALL of his cds. I even bought a couple of them NEW- which is very unusual for me- but I like him that much. Incredible guitarist. Incredible.

    This was my strategy for YEARS- and I still remember the day I came home with about 30 cds and my wife almost killed me- until I told her it cost a total of $12--- twelve dollars- they had quite a sale that day.......I got a bunch of "nobodies" who I still LOVE to listen to. Incredible artists who had for whatever reason just not been "discovered" by the public- but I found 'em!

    When I began to realize that many of my favorites were on the Higher Octave or Narada label, I started just looking for anything on those labels. BINGO-- a BUNCH of excellent artists I had never heard of but found that I LOVED!

    Then one day I learned that Higher Octave went out of business- bummer--- I looked them up on the internet and they said to look for some of their old stuff on Lastfm- never heard of it- but what the heck- I looked into it- saw all of the ads and thought - crap- and then learned about the benefits of subscribing for only $3 per month.

    Frankly- I was suspicious- I don't ever give ANYbody my credit or debit card without knowing who I am dealing with. Period. Screw the $3- I didn't want to give them my debit card number. Then I learned about PayPal-- all this in the same or a few days after first discovering Lastfm- which I lo0ved- except for those $#@! ads.

    So I did the PayPal thing- they screwed it up twice- I had to pay double, but still thought it was a bargain.

    I had a BALL! Listening to new artists I had never heard of (just like I always did) PLUS dang near everything I HAD heard of. And I began the playlists- and people started dropping by - usually because of my funny shouts- and I made some friends and they turned me on to MORE good stuff I never heard of.

    I WAS IN HEAVEN! $3 a month- and I have access to all this incredible music and all these people from all over the world and I never even have to leave the house.

    I don't tell you this to "manipulate" you - it is just the plain cold fact of life for ME. This music and sharing thing on Lastfm is ALL I do. Take away any part of it and I have even less- which sure does not make me happy! You live with your reality- I have mine. I have said time and time again -- I WILL PAY MORE- BUT I WILL NOT ACCEPT LESS. Not without a fight....

    So here I sit- day after day- listening, writing, talking to people, actually helping a bunch of folks- that's another story- but it is something that helps me to feel I have value- to somebody. And I know that I do. I have friends from all over the world- in all the different time zones- there is ALWAYS SOMEbody up listening to music- SOMEWHERE- and they often want to talk. You wouldn't BELIEVE the stories I hear- but I do- because I really know the people behind them.

    And then --BAM-- April 12, 2010 --the%$#@! jerks at Last fm pull the plug on "on-demand full track streaming" . Heck - I didn't even know that is what it was called. I just knew that for months I had been looking SOOOO forward to the day when those 30 second things went away and everything would be full listening.

    That's what the little screen would say when I ran over the 3 play limit on some songs- never knew when that was going to happen. MANY songs were played many many more than 3- which was somewhat confusing- but - who's complaining? Lastfm alluded to a beta test which would most likely result in us having the opportunity to have ALL the tracks full-play on-demand (soon)...

    I RARELY ever bothered with the 30 second thing- there were always plenty of full tracks to choose from. I only put some of the 30 second ones in my playlists when I discovered that they would play in full. In fact some of the "blank" songs even played- so I just stuck everything I like in there if it seemed reasonable- especially when it was an artist I usually liked. Then I just deleted a song I DIDN"T like.

    That's why I have a zillion loved tracks- That was the easiest way to quickly recognize that I had heard that song and stuck it somewhere. Might not have really LOVED it- but it was worthy of a playlist.

    So that is why I was disappointed when they made the changes- threw a real monkey wrench into my life. And I fired off a couple of letters- and much to my surprise- they seemed not to give a rat's ass that I was upset- or anyone else either- they just said "go somewhere else"..

    This was most unusual to me----- I never -ever- got that response-- never. So I began to follow the thread on the Forum - and the rest is history -- all the ugliness and bulls### that was unnecessary from the very beginning. BLEW MY MIND!

    Why the heck would anyone else (besides Lastfm) care if I was alive or dead- happy or upset- or did or did not get what I wanted. Just didn't make any sense. Still doesn't.

    And I am still disappointed in the entire process- disappointed that little progress has really been made- (other than Lastfm stating that the indies would return around the third week of May-- YAY!) and that the same dang people are still telling me, you, and everyone else- --

    that "the chocolate covered turd" in my lunchbox is a Snickers bar.

    It doesn't pass the sniff test- and I'm not buying it.

    I am putting up with it temporarily - and have tried (believe it or not) to calm things by offering my own "temporary work-around."

    But I have lost all respect for Lastfm and don't see how I can ever feel the same way I did before. Who cares? Even I don't..... I just want them to give me back my dang music- the way I want it- when I want it- where I want it--- just like they originally promised me.

    So here we are.

    No conflict from me. No siree. I'm pissed off and full of vinegar and want to let them know that neither I nor many others will EVER be fully satisfied until things return to the way they were before the April 12 debacle..................

    Hope that clears things up a bit- if not feel free to holler at me.

    I get a lot of that these days....

    You can bet that on June 1st and 2nd I will be joining in the "Silence is Golden" (strike) brigade- not a peep from me on the Lastfm scrobbler. The CBS/Lostfm folks seem to be stone deaf when it comes to hearing the complaints of their community members.

    We obviously cannot rely on their social conscience to guide them.

    Maybe the SILENCE will wake them up...
  • The Greatest Rock Composers of all time

    28 feb 2009, 03:05 av RadioheadOasis

    The Greatest Rock Composers of all time. In no particular order.

    criteria: versatility/complexity/meaningfulness/importance (i.e number of followers)

    Thom Yorke/Jonny Greenwood/Ed O’Brien/Colin Greenwood/Phil Selway
    Lennon and/or McCartney
    Jeff Beck
    Steve Hackett/Peter Gabriel/Tony Banks/Phil Collins/Mike Rutherford
    Marty Friedman/Mustaine
    Shawn Lane
    John McGlaughlin
    Phil Keaggy
    Brian May
    Freddie Mercury
    Pete Townshend
    Andy Partridge
    Elvis Costello
    John Martyn
    Al Stewart
    Robyn Hitchcock
    Kate Bush
    David Bowie
    Brian Wilson
    David Sylvian
    Robert Fripp/Pete Sinfield
    Roger Waters
    Syd Barrett
    Frank Zappa
    Ray Davies
    Roine Stolt
    Neal Morse
    Todd Rundgren
    Bruce Springsteen
    Robert Hunter/Jerry Garcia and/or Phil Lesh
    Johnny Marr
    Paul Simon
    Jimmy Page
    Nick Drake
    Elton John
    Stevie Wonder
    Steve Harris
    Steve Morse
    Ritchie Blackmore
    Jimi Hendrix
    Graeme Edge/Mike Pinder/Ray Thomas/John Lodge/Justin Hayward
  • The most black metal book I've ever read \m/

    8 feb 2010, 14:49 av Conservationist

    If you've ever wondered why we keep nibbling away at the edges of environmentalism, but never solve any problems, this book explains it all: we're looking in the wrong places. Instead of thinking about recycling and green cars, we should be thinking about preserving species from extinction, extending our woodland, and using our muscles instead of machines to keep the air clearer. This is a fascinating, easy to read and FUNNY book!

    Pentti Linkola - Can Life Prevail? (2009)

    For fans of:

    * Burzum
    * Darkthrone
    * Graveland
    * Averse Sefira
    * Wolves in the Throne Room
  • The 555 Sonatas

    8 jan 2010, 15:08 av SndChaser

    New journal entry: The 555 Sonatas
  • Interview with Kontinual, editor of the Dark Legions Archive (ANUS.com/metal)

    8 jan 2010, 04:39 av Conservationist

    Kontinual, editor of the Dark Legions Archive

    "In underground metal, there is a youthful coalescence of seemingly disparate ideas, a syncretism. These are rooted in themes of heroism, warfare, death, the beyond, history, endtimes -- indulgent glimpses into worlds beyond the individual and the dreary present, and far from merely temporal or personal concerns. The approach is boundless and powerful, and the music matches."

    Interview with Kontinual, editor of the Dark Legions Archive

    Bands reviewed in the Dark Legions Archive:

    * Abigor
    * Abomination
    * Abruptum
    * Absu
    * Absurd
    * Abyss, The
    * Acerbus
    * Agathocles
    * Adramelech
    * Adversary
    * Amebix
    * Amorphis
    * Ancient
    * Ancient Rites
    * Angelcorpse
    * Antaeus
    * Arcturus
    * Asgard
    * Asphyx
    * Atheist
    * Atrocity
    * At the Gates
    * Avenger
    * Avzhia
    * Autopsy
    * Averse Sefira
    * Baphomet
    * Bathory
    * Behemoth
    * Beherit
    * Belial
    * Betrayer
    * Blasphemy
    * Blasphereion
    * Blood
    * Bolt Thrower
    * Brutal Truth
    * Burzum
    * Cadaver
    * Candlemass
    * Capharnaum
    * Carcass
    * Carnage
    * Cartilage
    * Cathedral
    * Celtic Frost
    * Cenotaph
    * Ceremonium
    * Ceremony
    * Cianide
    * Corrosion of Conformity
    * Cryptic Slaughter
    * Cryptopsy
    * Cultus Sanguine
    * Dark Funeral
    * Darkthrone
    * Dark Tranquility
    * Dawn
    * Dead Brain Cells
    * Dead Horse
    * Death
    * Death Strike
    * Deceased
    * Deeds of Flesh
    * Deicide
    * Demigod
    * Demilich
    * Demoncy
    * Deteriorate
    * Dimmu Borgir
    * Dirty rotten imbeciles
    * Discharge
    * Disfear
    * Disharmonic Orchestra
    * Dismember
    * Dissection
    * Divine Eve
    * Drogheda
    * Emperor
    * Engrave
    * Enslaved
    * Entombed
    * Exhumed
    * Fallen Christ
    * Fearless Iranians From Hell
    * Fleshcrawl
    * Frozen Shadows
    * Gehenna
    * Godflesh
    * God Macabre
    * Gorgoroth
    * Gorguts
    * Grave
    * Graveland
    * Grotesque
    * Gutted
    * Havohej
    * Hellhammer
    * Hemdale
    * Hetsheads
    * Hypocrisy
    * Ildjarn
    * Immolation
    * Immortal
    * Impaled Nazarene
    * Imprecation
    * Incantation
    * Infester
    * Infernum
    * Inquisition
    * I Shalt Become
    * Intestine Baalism
    * Kataklysm
    * Katatonia
    * Kilcrops
    * Kong
    * Korrozia Metalla
    * Kreator
    * Krieg
    * Kvist
    * Lepra
    * Lord Wind
    * Luciferion
    * Magus
    * Malediction
    * Manes
    * Marduk
    * Massacra
    * Massacre
    * Master
    * Mayhem
    * Merciless
    * Miasma
    * Molested
    * Monstrosity
    * Morbid Angel
    * Morpheus Descends
    * Mortem
    * Motorhead
    * Mortiis
    * Mortuary
    * Mysticum
    * Mythic
    * Mutiilation
    * Napalm Death
    * Necromantia
    * Necromass
    * Necrophiliac
    * Necrophobic
    * Niden Div. 187
    * NME
    * Nox Intempesta
    * Nuclear Assault
    * Nuclear Death
    * Num Skull
    * Obituary
    * Oppressor
    * Organic Infest
    * Pathologist
    * Pentagram
    * Pestilence
    * Possessed
    * Powermad
    * Profanatica
    * Prong
    * Pyrexia
    * Ras Algethi
    * Repulsion
    * Resurrection
    * Resuscitator
    * Revenant
    * Rigor Mortis
    * Rise
    * Rotting Christ
    * Sacramentum
    * Saint Vitus
    * Samael
    * Sammath
    * Sarcofago
    * Sarcophagus
    * Seance
    * Sentenced
    * Sepultura
    * Septic Flesh
    * Setherial
    * Sinister
    * Skepticism
    * Slayer
    * Sodom
    * Sorcier Des Glaces
    * Sort Vokter
    * Spear of Longinus
    * Speckmann Project
    * Suffer
    * Suffocation
    * Supuration
    * Summoning
    * Swordmaster
    * Tartaros
    * Terrorizer
    * Thanatopsis
    * Tha-Norr
    * Therion
    * Thorns
    * Throne of Ahaz
    * Torchure
    * Torturer
    * Unanimated
    * Uncanny
    * Ungod
    * Unleashed
    * Vader
    * Varathron
    * Veles
    * Voivod
    * Von
    * Watain
    * Witchfinder General
    * Xibalba
    * Yamatu
    * Zyklon/Zyklon-B
  • Why I'm Not Scrobbling

    22 dec 2009, 03:23 av SndChaser

    Yes, it may appear that I am not active here anymore. I'm posting a lot to the forums, and my scrobbling appears to have stopped. About the only way you know that I am around is that I've been posting journal entries.

    Well, I am still around... The forums are just a matter of how much time I have. The scrobbling is a different matter: a technical issue at the moment...

    Currently I am scrobbling to my Libre.fm account. This isn't out of snobbery or anything like that, it's a matter of I slowly trying to work my way into becoming part of that project as I see a good possibility for it to offer a different alternative to Last.fm. I can honestly foresee both projects having their own space on the internet for different reasons.

    I also recently changed music players. After having struggled with finding a good one, I have settled on XMMS2 as my player of choice. It's wonderful Media Library, and choice of front ends have made it ideal for maintaining my 70K+ track library.

    Unfortunately, the downside of this is that XMMS2's scrobbler plugin only supports a single end-point at this time. So, I've currently configured it for Libre.fm, as I mentioned above. Eventually, I hope to have some time to get a better scrobbling plugin that will allow multiple end points so I can scrobble to Libre.fm, Last.fm, Jamendo, and anywhere else that looks to be beneficial and supports the scrobbling API.