Donna Leon (italian author)

  • Donna Leon (italian author)

    I was walking at a second hand book stor in London and the owner suggested that I'd take " Suffer the little children" , by Donna Leon. I was looking for something brittish, but he told me that if I liked crime stories, and maybe if I didn't mind an italian author and italian scenario ( which i tottaly dont mind) i should have it.

    And so i did. I'm quite enjoying it... does any of you know her? What do you think? Which are the best books? Which ones have you read so far?


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    Donna Leon doesn`t publish any books in italy.

    Read nearly all of them. Nice "solid" entertaining criminal literature. Perfect before going to sleep or with less time.
    But there are no real big differences between the books.

    So i would recommend to start at the beginning of the "comssario brunetti" series:
    (The * stands for some literature prices)

    Death at La Fenice, 1992
    * Death in a Strange Country, 1993
    * The Anonymous Venetian, US-Titel: Dressed for Death, 1994
    A Venetian Reckoning, US-Titel: Death and Judgment, 1995
    Acqua Alta, 1996
    The Death of Faith, US-Titel: Quietly in Their Sleep, 1997
    A Noble Radiance, 1998
    Fatal Remedies, 1999
    A Sea of Troubles, 2001
    * Wilful Behaviour, 2002
    Uniform Justice, 2003
    Doctored Evidence, 2004
    take a look at wikipedia for whole series

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