What period would you chose?

  • Well, I'll choose the 1815-1849s :]

  • some events in history i would like to see firsthand would be
    Battle of Stamford Bridge.(1066) one unnamed Viking holds the bridge, by himself, taking down 46 English warriors while his comrades regain foothold on land. later, after refusing the last chance to surrender, the Vikings instead sacrifice themselves and fall in a protective Ring of Corpses around the king, ensuring his escape.

    Battle of Clontarf (1016). the beginning of the end for the Viking Era, but havng Irish in my family, this is a good thing. the great king Brian Boru finally leads his people to liberation from the Northern invaders.

    Battle of Bannockburn (1314) Robert Bruce led the Scots to victory over the English, guaranteeing independence (for a short time). "lay on, lay on, lay on, they fail!" and "they pray for mercy, yes. but from God, not you. these men will conquer or die"

    the Plague. just to confirm whether the word 'CURB' really comes from the piles of CORPSES left at the roadside

    Za Vjecan Ponos i Cast!
  • I am not pretty sure, but i think i would prefer living in the 12 th century in the languedoc, as back then it was the flourishing period for the Cathars. And as well the period as the ideology of that time really interest me, only a pity that the catholic church found them a danger to their church and called up on a crusade against the cathars...

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    • 15 jan 2010, 20:59
    I would have loved to live in the Victorian Era. I think it was a beautiful era, apart from so much sexism.

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    • 29 jan 2010, 23:07
    i dont know why...but i would choose the Middle Age

  • the period i'd choose would be the time before industrialisation somewhere where now lies China.

  • Ahh I've never really thought of this. I would love to live with the Scythians or live in ancient Sumer. Also maybe the Indus Valley Civilization or Britain before Vikings came.

  • hmmm

    Egyptian Alexandry, about I century B.C. I think. Or maby 60' in UK :]

  • As we are being highly theoretical in this thread anyway, I presume I'm able to chose an interval which starts in mid-XVIII century, passes through whole XIX and ends in XX century's 50's.
    I cannot tell for instance what part of XIX-century I fancy the most because I adore every decade equally and I'm not able to pick a life-time period.
    I believe my case is pretty much of a hopeless.

    • Matti81 sa...
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    • 9 mar 2010, 12:24
    the age of vikings!

  • Late 19th Century/Early 20th

    Otherwise, during the times of the Holy Roman Empire.

    I'm your new god.

    War = Minenwerfer
  • First on my list of times and places to be, is the generally disunified 14th century France, where eventually the pope had his army set forth to burn 'heretics' on the spot..("Fasten him to the nearest tree!") There was so much 'justified' burning of various peoples tied up and set fire at their feet, just because the catholic church felt so discredited after the great famine and then later the black death. France's already fucked up moral lead to peasant uprisings and I would lead underground entrapments of those oh so obediant "witch hunters" and see how loyal they were to their demon while they burn up just to piss the pope right the fuck off

    • Tiago999 sa...
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    • 18 maj 2010, 21:24
    Ah, very interesting topic, i myself have thought about this many a time (there is a reason why i'm in this group...)
    Of course several come to mind but i would have to choose the Early Middle Ages in western Europe. Sure, it was a time with diseases, killing sprees, wars resulting from the breakup of the Roman Empire... and let's not dwell on the whole hygiene thing... and you would have to be a nobleman, of course.
    But still... it captivates my imagination. It was a time of great uncertainty, the future was very much open not just politically but individually. Time of great legends such as King Arthur, Tristan & Isolde... i guess it's the lonesome knight syndrome aiming to find his place in the world and his fair maiden that gets to me.

  • 1970s, when everything was pure and not polluted by some kind of shits, for example Lady Gaga, Jonas Brothers and stuff like that. Or 1650-1750s in England, it would be lovely to experience it (:

  • It would be pretty chill to go to the 18th century and see Voltaire in action


  • Definitely age of vikings or age of ancient Greece. That would kick some serious ass.

    • Thyrgon sa...
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    • 15 jul 2010, 23:40
    I think I would either chosse Early Middle Age (like 200-700) or the beginning/middle of the 19th Century. Both in Germany.

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    • 24 jul 2010, 07:54
    You know...all these "What period I'd like to live in" post are fucking useless. Here's the thing why: you have no free choice. You live in this miserable age, move on - make it better. You live here and now. Do something about it.

    I think discussions like these embody each of this group's members secret infantile optimism..."yeah, what if I could chose my path and what if I could travel in time!".
    Each post here is like a metaphorical anal bead and you all know where you can shove it...

    Secondly, if time really exists...(people are still arguing over this matter), no one could travel back to an age preceding the point where he begins to exist. He would ... just dissolve into the "space-time-horizon" or any other Sci-Fi term you can come up with.
    So, yeah ... it's pretty idiotically useless to talk about it...and to think or fantasize about it. Yes, dingle-birds, it's unrealistic and autistic. But, hell, we're not entirely rational or entirely sane, so let's talk about it!

    Here, I'll join this festive of idiocy:
    I'd probably chose Ancient Mesopotamia with only one objective in my mind:
    Being the one who introduces anal sex to the people of Sodom.

    "Now why would you wanna be that?"

    Just imagine that place...pure psychological amusement. it begins with anal sex, than you'll find ancient wooden dildos flying in steamy taverns... and it gets even better as it continues with male-on-male butt-drilling, fucking children, animals and perhaps even raping grape-fruits! Pure SODOMY! It's fucking hilarious...seeing all these humans doing silly shit, I'd be like "ROFLOL" all the fucking time!

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  • Quite honestly, the place I want to be is in a world described by many High fantasy books. If you've ever read the Eragon books, those are my favourite place to be.

    Either than or being a motherfucker Viking because they're probably the single most badass group of peoples to have ever walked this earth.

    • mad1391 sa...
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    • 14 aug 2010, 21:15
    back to the primitive!!!

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 10 sep 2010, 14:27
    radio-tractore said:
    the age of vikings!

    Yeah, me too!

  • The mid 1800s here in the US.

  • Going back to what NateBag said, I agree to an extent that these threads are useless, but at the same time, it is nearly impossible for someone who longs for the primitive to "make this miserable age" better. There are small things we can do, but most of that seems fairly useless as well.

    So we talk about it. It's human nature to communicate their passions, especially in communities, be they actual or virtual. We embrace the leviathan, all while we despise it and long for something more simple.

    I submit to you that if a man hasn't discovered something he will die for, he isn't fit to live.
    ~Martin Luther King Jr.
  • The Sixties, of course! :D

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