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A place for new artists to gain listeners by listening to each other, as well as for music lovers to be introduced to new artists.

I'll listen to you if you listen to me
A Win-Win: More listeners for new artists + Less spam for everyone else
The purpose of this group is to provide a means by which new artists can gain listeners, without spamming. Artists in this group listen to each other, increasing their listeners on last.fm and exposing themselves to a peer review that allows them to gain honest feedback that provides not only constructive criticism, but also allows other listeners to find out what new artists they should check out. If you are not promoting an artist you need not worry about receiving listening requests from artists in this group as artists in this group are discouraged from sending listening requests to people who are not themselves artists wishing to promote themselves. As a listener looking for new artists or an artist looking to gain new listeners I strongly encourage you to join this group and inform others of it as the success of this group means less self-promotions on last.fm and an easier way for listeners to discover new artists they’d enjoy.

Getting Started:

If you are here to discover new artists:

Simply listen to music, browse through threads, and provide comments at your enjoyment.

If you are here to promote an artist:

After joining make a post in Connected Artists letting us know what artists you are promoting. Your artist will then be added to connected artists.

If you want another artist in the group to listen to your music you can send the person associated with an artist in the Connected Artists thread a message asking them something along the lines of "I'll listen to you if you listen to me." Since they're in this group you can be assured they'll gladly listen to your music in exchange for you listening to them.

Only send listening requests to members associated with an artist in the Connected Artists thread. And check your listeners on your artist page, so you don't send requests to people who already listened to your music and to see who to return the favor to. You should not be sending listening requests to artists if you have yet to listen to artists in this group who listened to your music.

Since everyone in the group is basically just listening to everyone else in the group and checking their artist page and threads on here to see who listened to them and what artists they should check out, sending messages is not necessary, just an option if you feel your music is not getting listened to by other members of the group.

If at any time you wish to no longer participate in the mutual listening, please edit your post in the Connected Artists thread to indicate you are not longer taking listening requests and send a message to the group leader. For more details see Promoting an Artist in I'll listen to you if you listen to me

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