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Complex but somehow compact dynamic structure... let the music be darker than heavy metal and lighter than love! Now, let's eat for example some symphonic avant-prog :P

Hyper Progressive Rock!

Mostly talking about for example zeuhlish or avant-garde actions which still have the compact dynamic structure, not only complex. Eg. symphonic avant-prog.

We could use words "very", "super" or "über", etc. but maybe hyper would be the best, though (for some stupid people) it may sound a little bit childish.

It can also be hyperactive or hyperdeactive - moods can change. But it's moody - maybe doomsday and happy at the same time.

And it doesn't mean that all Magma, Gentle Giant or Gong songs or song parts are included, of course. Or that most ELP wouldn't - there's much Hyper Progressive Rock, if you just watch out for the Air Prog... though, HPR can be melancholic, apathetic, light or airy, but in a different way. And well, every good music... No, what am I talking about. And the music don't need to be shocking and all the time changing tempo (although it's nice), because also colors are important; nice harmonies and contrasts. And slow or fast and minimalistic melodies, for example.
I don't know.

But you know... it's no use explaining things when there isn't going to be many new fans; even many prog diggers think we are crazy.

Mostly these sub-genres fullfill the wanted features:
Avant-Prog, including RIO & Zeuhl at its Zealousness
Symphonic Prog, proudly including Italian)
Eclectic Art Rock
Prog Folk
Progressive Metal
Canterbury Scene,
and everything that can be, for example Progressive Electronic or Jazz Rock/Fusion (not being too jazz or rock (though they're not banned)). Add some great psychedelic experimentation, crossovering and nongenreness.

classical, jazz, rock -> fusion = confusion, very contemporary and permanent music (see chamber rock, for example)

You can post some great links to music and ratings. And do something else, everything - discuss. It cannot be disgusting for we're talking about HPR.

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