Will the Du Ever Reunite?

  • Will the Du Ever Reunite?

    Any thoughts, pro or con?

    There's not much I wouldn't do to see a reunion show.

    • ryand216 sa...
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    • 16 jan 2008, 15:16
    To be honest it remains doubtful but you never know...

    But before I die i would like to see them in some shape or form live :P

    • _goatboy sa...
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    • 1 apr 2008, 14:44
    You know, I hate reunions... But yeah. I'd love to see it.

  • I'd say if they did reunite there would be large focus on latter day stuff like Warehouse songs where the artists aren't screaming every second. Bob Mould's live solo shows seemingly don't contain many of his angry songs (Divide And Conquer is played regularly though :o), and he has stated on numerous occasions that a reunion would just be wrong for him to do since "he isn't an angry messed-up 20 year old anymore". Plus he probably still hates Grant Hart.

  • You can never say never, but this is one reunion that I'd be shocked if it ever happened.

    • dpspac3 sa...
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    • 10 maj 2008, 07:48

    Let it be

    I grew up in Minneapolis. Got into punk in 1982, I was about 12. Husker Du was my first "show." I didn't get it at first, they were purely thrash then, and as they got more refined and three dimensional, I still didn't really get them. I was more into the Dead Kennedy's. One thing I noticed, was the palatable group euphoria that seemed to develop more and more with every show (must have seen them six times). I ended up actually buying all the records in about 1995, and I recognized all the catchy songs I'd originally heard live. Wished I'd been a bit more in the moment.
    I'd say that the egos of Grant and Bob would not permit a reunion. Plus, what made Husker shows so impressive was the energy that was some time in building; I think that momentum is gone now. The band's been dead for years, and personally i think Bob has become pretty boring. Grant, who I saw around town all through the nineties in minneapolis, strikes me as a Heroin/Methadone casualty. I was there in the moment, and that brand of Minneapolis punk, was all about the moment. Its gone.

  • Hope not.

    Don't want my memories tainted of a glorious time in music.

  • Hope not.

    Don't want my memories tainted of a glorious time in music.

    • Harfang sa...
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    • 19 mar 2011, 00:55
    No, they won't. I'm in Minneapolis, been here all my life. They're both still here too (I don't know about Greg) and they haven't spoken in over 10 years. There was just a benefit show for Grant because he lost a bunch of stuff in a house fire. Was Bob there? Hell no. Did we expect him to be? Again, hell no. I can tell you as a Minneapolitan, it's not gonna happen.

  • Bob lives in Washington no?

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