House MD Season 4 final

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    • 31 maj 2008, 17:27

    House MD Season 4 final

    How did you like final???
    I just loved it, I think season 5 will be amazing! :)

    • Nero1 sa...
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    • 4 jun 2008, 15:55
    The fourth season is over? Well, in the Czech Republic it hasn't started yet, so I must forbid myself to look in this thread... :(

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    • 6 jun 2008, 00:17
    You should watch it online at Ninja Video :)

    And yea, the finale is amazing! I was almost in tears lol
    I can't wait for s5. I'm gunna have to watch House all over again 'cause there is no way I can go that long without it. God knows what I'm gunna be like when it's gone for good x_x

    • kadeeX sa...
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    • 6 jun 2008, 16:39
    i live in france but i saw the final season. legendary!

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 7 jun 2008, 11:45
    yeah I realy loved it. I live in Latvia so I don't see House on TV but in internet.
    If you need you can look in for House new epsiode's :)

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 8 jun 2008, 14:50
    Wilson is such a loser, even more than House

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 9 jun 2008, 17:49
    why do you think so?


    well I think this was The most emotional and serious episode of all.

    It will be interesting to see how House and Cuddy relationship will progress...

  • i liked the final, but i can't really think how season 5 is going to begin. Besides, i think its the first time he admitted he hates his life (sorry for the mini-spoiler :P ), so i'm really intrigued

    "...Matter of fact is all dark."

    Ok, there are some rumors and some info coming from the producers. First thing, House is going to try and repair his friendship with Wilson, who's blaming House for CB death (this is actualy old news). There's going to be a private investigator around for a few eps. There will be a romance between House and Cuddy (imo that's lame). Foreman is said to be on his way out of the show, since his character is more or less exploited (and there will be no romance concerning him). 13 doesn't die yet (not in season 5 at least, but this is a rumor ;)). Kate (the girl from the North Pole) is going to show up, possible tension between her and House (obviously). I think that's about it... Don't believe in everything I say, most of this stuff are rumors ;)

  • ;)) some point there had to be something between house and cuddy:)) ..t
    he season finale was completely unexpected...i mean,so far everything has been mostly focused on the medical stuff ,but the 4th season has been the best so far since it had more to do with the psychological's games,his making everybody's lives miserable so that he could teach the guys lessons and last but not least CB's death and house's reactions..
    i personally can't wait for season 5,things are getting more and more interesting by the day

    "there is not a thin line between love and hate.there is in fact a great wall of china with armed sentries posted every 20 feet between love and hate."
  • I think the finale was great, like everyone else apparently ^^ I can't wait for s5, I'm sure it will be great. And yeah, the Cuddy-House thing is not exactly unexpected.
    Oh, and I think I should mention that I cried while watching, for the first time since the Lion King. :')

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    • 15 sep 2008, 20:12
    Good one about Lion King :D

    Season starts tommorow :)

    Can't wait for it! So happy!

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 7 nov 2008, 21:51
    I just watched the last 3 eps and I cried the whole time because I knew CB was going to die. stupid spoilers
    I feel so sorry for Wilson. :(

    • xFabby sa...
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    • 11 nov 2008, 07:31
    The finale was an absolutely amazing end to a rather shitty season.
    House's Head was wonderful too. <3

    • carmen91 sa...
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    • 25 nov 2008, 14:53
    i must be honest, i cry at the end...
    I liked Amber... she was bitch, but... I like it despite that. :)

    • p3sman sa...
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    • 10 jan 2009, 11:20
    Season 4 finale was great. These two last episodes was probably the most serious of all house episodes.

    Great play by actor playing Wilson, unexpected scenes, 13 with Huntington disease. I can't wait for 5th season...

  • So unexpected, burst of emotions....great terrible ending! And the fifth season...whoah!

    gnothi seauthon
    • Jaerdic sa...
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    • 1 feb 2009, 15:47
    It was a great episode, maybe the best season final of House in a history xD, and an amazing introduction into S05 :D

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 8 mar 2009, 10:58
    4x15 and 4x16 were the best ;d In the final Amber was dead :< amberamberamber... my favourite character in house ;F

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    • mldzwanx sa...
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    • 20 feb 2010, 08:03
    oooo , i watched that episodes so time agoo , but it was my favourite the one House's head... and on the next... Wilson's heart I was cryin' so much : ( i've watched the whole 5th season and unfortunately it wasn't good enough :/

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