• Tom Waits, anyone?

    'Goin' Out West' by Tom Waits (off of Bone Machine)

    Since this is a non-genre specific music group, I suppose there is no more fitting artist to discuss than the ever suprising genius of Tom Waits. His music ranges anywhere from piano blues to industrial to...well...his collaboration with Primus as Tommy the Cat.

    Some people like all the different eras of his work (like me); others can't get past how gruff his voice gets in the 80's and beyond. I personally like both vocal styles, the crooner on great albums like Closing Time and The Heart of Saturday Night.

    If you like interesting percussion, noir style lyrics, and a more gruff style, might I recommend Rain Dogs, Bone Machine, Swordfishtrombones, and the Orphans cd in his lastest trilogy Orphans, Bastads, and Bawlers.

    And if you want a bit of the laid back style of his earlier albums combined with his gruffer voice check out Alice and Mule Variations.

    I hope this gets some discussion started and I'd love it if you guys would post some comments on Tom Waits if you are already fans. Post something too if you would like some advice on where to start with his music...I'd be more than glad to help because he's so amazingly talented. I'd say he's one of the most profound geniuses in music today.

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    I've only heard Rain Dogs so far, but very impressive to say the least. I will hopefully remember to get a copy of Bone Machine or Swordfish sometime soon to try out.

  • my favourite songwriter of all time. I'm going to call my son Tom after him. If I ever have one.
    Rain Dogs was the first album I heard (I decided to check it out after hearing the songs Little drop of poison and Flash Pan Hunter) and I fell in love with it. It was like five years ago, I'm surprised I could appreciate his music at the age of 13. I don't regard myself as mature yet, not yet now, let alone then. "But I always liked music..." oh, sorry, I always liked strange things. And Tom's voice is... well, it just IS.

  • Started off with either Heart Attack And Vine or Rain Dogs (can't remember which one first). They both impressed greatly and at the moment I also have Swordfishtrombone and Bone Machine. Any suggestions for what I should acquire next?

    Favourite songs of TW include:
    Anywhere I Lay My Head
    Downtown Train
    Jersey Girl
    On The Nickel
    Heart Attack and Vine
    Goin Out West

  • If you want more music similar to what you have, The Black Rider and Blood Money are essentials. They are both musicals that he wrote with his wife, and include a lot of amazing work and innovative music.

    Hmmm...lets see; heart attack and vine was his bridge between his earlier work and his later, rougher material. If you want somet earlier Waits, a good place to go next would be to get one of his earlier albums. I'd say go with Closing Time to get a different side. It has some of his most melodic, beautiful ballads. Its an over all solid album and I love its laid back feel.

    If you like that, an album that captures the progression of his early style to his later style would be his "live" album, Nighthawks at the Diner. Its hilarious and has one of my favorite Tom Waits songs on it: EGGS AND SAUSAGE (IN A CADILLAC WITH SUSAN MICHELSON).

    Let me know if that helps, but truly, you can't go wrong with any Tom Waits album, trust me.

  • Thanks for the detailed reply :) Think I might go for Closing Time next if it's kinda similar to HAAV. In saying that, as a skint student it'll probably be a while 'til I acquire any CDs!

  • I've been intrigued by Tom Waits for quite some time now, but I never knew where to start. Thank you for the descriptions of his different albums. I'm even more curious now- I think it's time to go on Youtube!

  • let me know how the search goes! rain dogs is always a good starter album!

  • ahhhh HERE is the post about Tom Waits! lol Kristy I knew you'd talked about him somewhere but couldn't remember.... a couple of months ago I randomly discovered him (yes, even though I'd already heard from various people, including yourself, how great he was - apparently I had to make the connection on my own) on facebook when a friend posted a live vid of Tori singing Time... then one of her friends posted a vid of Tom Waits' original version and the way he was talking about him made me curious to hear it. After I'd listened to it I spent about an hour on youtube listening to more of his songs at random. Couldn't get Bottom of the World out of my head, so I bought the song of itunes. Then I spent a few weeks totally confused about where I wanted to start. In the end I decided to go with Rain Dogs because it all sort of started with Time anyway.

    I'm still trying to figure out what to get next, but kind of like the thought that there's HEAPS there for me to discover and I can take my time with it.

  • i'd say, judging by your tastes, you'd really really enjoy Blood Money, Small Change and Bone Machine a lot. That is really awesome that you are getting into him...he's AMAZING! I really haven't heard a bad album from him...some are more challenging to get into, but you will end up loving them all! Let me know how the exploring goes!

  • Well my dear, I was out christmas shopping yesterday and went into this cheapo department store to get Dad his Star Trek dvd... and of course had a wee nosy at the cds. Looked under "W" thinking "now of course they won't have anything..." but I found not one but THREE of his albums. And two of them were VERY cheap so I got those two. They're Small Change and Swordfishtrombones. Am just importing them into itunes now. So will let you know what I think.

    Haha oh yeah, I searched the catalogue at work the other day to see if we had any of his albums - unsurprisingly, no (our music collection is shite), but there was a biography, so I thought alright that could be interesting. When it arrived it's MASSIVE.. so I dunno. Might wait till I've been a fan a bit longer before I go there.

  • Swordfishtrombone is very similar in feel to raindogs, maybe a bit more rough since it came out right before it, but its still very good. A lot of Waits fans like it more than Rain Dogs even. Small Change has some amazing lyrics on it and great piano playing, probably one of his better "early" albums...make sure to let me know what you think of them!

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