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Skapad den: 21 dec 2006
Group for contributors to the website heavymetalnation.com

Intended to be used to create contributors group charts to be posted on the main site, to give visitors to the site an idea of the shit...

Ok, here is what we are about.

Heavy Metal Nation is a site for people who are fans of music to post their own reviews of the shit they like to listen to.

One of the driving things behind this was my personal passion for reviewing music, and seeking out people to interview. For ages I contacted other websites and magazines, with only minimal interest.

So, I thought, Fuck It, I can do this myself, the result being Heavy Metal Nation.

So, If you like to review music that is on the better side of pop, then this site is for you.

We take submissions on all music that falls into the categories of Rock, Punk, and Metal, and anything in between.

We publish all submissions that consists of anything more than "This music good, yeah!"

All submissions are, of couse, voluntary - I run this site at a personal cost to myself, so I don't intend to pay anyone for their reviews; If you want to be paid, try contacting magazines, and good luck to you.

So, if you think you can write any of the following:

CD Reviews
DVD Reviews
Book Reviews
Magazine Reviews (not individual issues)
Concert Reviews
Buying Guides on any specific band

or, if you have managed to interview any band.

Send them along to the email on the main site.

And the band can be any band, signed or not, whether they actually have a release or not.

So, get writing, and get published on the net.

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