Pressure The Hinges.

    • lisek07 sa...
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    • 10 apr 2008, 18:10

    Pressure The Hinges.

    It's over year after release of "Pressure The Hinges". I just wanna know your opinion about this album and maybe you gonna answear me why many people says that PTH is so bad? I'll be honest - I started listening to Haste The Day when I heard PTH. After that I found earlier albums - God! - great music. So, I wouldn't be such a fan of Haste The Day if I won't heard PTH before. Again my question: Why, in many opinions, PTH is bad album?

  • it's a fantastic album, in my opinion.

  • Well, just because it differs from the first two. And alot of people got used to that sound, so they were pissed :). I started listening to HTD with PTH also and I still love it alot more than previous works, altough every single HTD song is a masterpiece. :)
    P.S. And there are ppl who judge music by the amounts of screaming. There are more clear vocals in PTH, so... :P

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  • I like it, it´s not bad!!

    • dmenhart sa...
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    • 8 jan 2009, 20:28
    in my opinion, its their best album out of all of them, with dreamer a close second. I do like all the albums however, I just like the sound of the newest two albums the best. There is more variety in the songs and deeper lyrics.

    • xbris sa...
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    • 10 feb 2009, 00:50
    got bettr over time yup

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