favorite character

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    • 16 feb 2009, 11:01
    I really adore Regulus Black :3 I know that he was mentioned really a little in the book, but it draws my curiosity. I made so many deductions, theories, etc. about Regulus Black during my waiting of book 7. Wild imagination =))

    I also love The Malfoys, especially Lucius (I called him Daddy Lucius -ROFL-) and Draco, ooh, he was sooo adorable. And Bellatrix Lestrange, ough. She was deeply in love with Lord Voldemort, insane, twisted, dark, psycho. Should I mention other reason that makes me love her?

    Last but not least, Severus Snape!! I still have grudge to JK because she made Snape so miserable and had no happines in his life. It's not fair! (okay, kidding. Teehee) Until now, I still hope that, somehow, Snape had a beautiful memories with Lily, even after the "After OWL Exam Tragedy" thing.

    See? How addicted I am to the villain. Teehee.

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    • 16 feb 2009, 17:48


    In my opinion the best person is Remus Lupin.

    Then I like Sirius Black, Luna Lovegood, Rubeus Hagrid, Neville Longbottom and Albus Dumbledore (sequence non-accidental :))

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    • 17 feb 2009, 17:59

    HP ♥

    Maybe Luna, Ron and Ginny... I don't know 8D. And Hagrid is Cute xD.

    • KateWeas sa...
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    • 22 feb 2009, 12:33
    -Oliver Wood **rawrrrr**
    - Draco Malfoy **yeaaah**
    - Fred& George Weasley **mrrr...**

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  • Severus Snape and Luna Lovegood <33

  • I have too many favorite characters. Love Remus, Sirius, Neville, and Luna in that order. I also adore Ron and Fred and George.

  • character

    i wanna be completely like her!
    and off course harry ♥

    Es normal que le temes a lo que no conoces!
  • ALBUS DUMBLEDORE. I just want to give him a big ol' hug

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    • 8 mar 2009, 16:59
    Bellatrix, Snape, Draco, Hermione, Fred.

  • Dumbledore. Dumbledore. Really, Dumbledore. One of my highest dreams (and I'm actually not just "OHMYGOD I LOVE JONAS BROTHERS AND TO SUCK THEIR TOESIES IS MY ONE DREAM EVAAAAH"-ranting) is to meet with him. I love more or less everything about him. To me, he is one of J.K's most epic achievements as a writer and definitely her greatest character. To me, he has more emotional depth than any of the other characters and also the most interesting story up until Harry's starts (cause Harry does experience a silly lot of epic things in just seventeen years). The whole him growing up under quite problematic cirumstances (father locked up in azkaban, ill sister, mother dying being partly his fault, tricksy relationship with his brother, finally finding someone to connect with (after several years of feeling rather alone and never fully understood, at least that's what I reckon) and also a purpose/higher meaning in life and then having his heart crushed so badly by Grindlewald that he never dared to love again, having to live in remorse for what he and Grindlewald was planning and his sister dying, you know what I'm ranting on about). Dumbledore is genuine, he's pure at heart and carries his inner child with him until his very death, but he's still stained, still hurt and he's got ineffable wisdom as well the most epic perspective on life and people in general, that you simply know comes from all the things he's experienced, both horrible and wonderful, and how well he's been able to handle them.
    I couldn't imagine a Harry Potter-series without Luna. She brings in the quirkyness, and she does so very well. Epic, simply. Never compromising herself, wonderful perspective on life and silly understanding of other people. The general spacyness and randomness are also wonderful traits of hers.
    I've always liked Remus, but I think the main reason as to why I consider him so utterly amazing is 'cause of all the fan fiction that I've read. J.K layed out the basics for his character and his story, and the gaps that have been left to fill have been filled with the different fanfics I've read. I think it's neat that the fans have gotten to contribute quite large portions of the personalities and also the stories behind characters of wich we cannot fully get to know through the books. The same goes for Sirius.
    Snape is epic (besides him being a bitch towards Harry. And no, the whole Lily - James - Snape -thing doesn't cover it, because Harry cannot be accused for his fathers actions), as is Bellatrix (she's so wonderfully insane and silly cool and all, I want to be her friend!). And I also really like Professor McGonogall, cause she's so, you know, nice and a person you can fully count on, same goes for Hagrid (plus, he's got the most almighty beard ever, I betcha you could build a nest in it and live there :D)
    Last of all, Harry, Ron and Hermoine are all great and I've grown to hold them very dear.

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    • 13 mar 2009, 23:46
    Ron <3

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    • 14 mar 2009, 12:54
    Lupin, tonks, Ron, Bellatrix, Tom Riddle and Dumbledore

  • The one and only : Severus Snape :P
    i would marry him and stalk him if he really existed.

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    • 17 mar 2009, 20:49
    Severus Snape and Luna Lovegood xP

    • alicesp sa...
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    • 18 mar 2009, 20:27
    Ron, George, Fred, Hermione, Luna and Harry

  • Severus Snape
    Dracon Malfoy
    Sirius Black
    Luna Lovegood

  • it's funny how very few people actually said Harry Potter, that's a shame.

    myfavourites are:
    Severus Snape,
    Remus Lupin,
    the twins,
    Minerva McGonagall,
    Mr. Weasley,
    Regulus Black,
    Aunt Petunia,

    oh and the malfoys :D

    • othjb sa...
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    • 20 mar 2009, 21:49
    Hermione Granger
    Sirius Black
    Luna Lovegood

  • oh an i completely forgot Neville <3.

  • Luna Lovegood
    Ginny Weasley
    Bellatrix LeStrange
    Nymphadora Tonks
    Neville Longbottom
    Fred Weasley
    George Weasley
    Harry Potter
    Draco Malfoy
    Professor Trelawney (Apparently I'm a lot like her)
    Madame Hooch
    Stan Shunpike
    the shrunken head in the Knight Bus ("Take it away, Ernie!")
    the Fat Lady
    Moaning Myrtle
    Sirius Black
    Nearly Headless Nick
    Susan Bones

    No one calls Han Solo a bitch.
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    • 3 apr 2009, 22:01
    Dobby(!!!),Luna, Ron, Hermione, Snape, Dumbledore, yeah and at some point harry of course ;-)

    • tamas14 sa...
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    • 9 apr 2009, 04:59
    Snape and Malfoy


  • Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape and Sirius Black.
    I just love them :D

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    • 24 maj 2009, 21:11
    Uhhh Voldemort!!! He's too sexy for his own good.

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