The best and the worst H.I.M. video

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    • 8 nov 2009, 01:40
    best: right here in my arms
    Join me (ice Version)
    buried alive by love
    worst: Pretending
    Join me (the other Version)
    Wicked game (UK Version)

  • Best is The Funeral Of Hearts.
    Worst is Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly

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    • 10 nov 2009, 20:54
    Best: Funeral of hearts
    Worst: wings of a butterfly

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    • 15 feb 2010, 17:52
    best - "Gone with the sin"

    worst - hmm...hard to choose, 'cause I love them all - I wold say "(Rip out) the wing of a butterfly"?

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    • 16 feb 2010, 12:55
    Best is Funeral of hearts
    Worst is Killing loneliness

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    • 8 apr 2010, 21:15
    Best is Right here in my arms & Heartkiller & Love and said no
    Worst is Solitary man (but I like this song)

  • The best is :"Join me in death"
    The worst is: "kiss of damn "

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    • 11 jun 2010, 18:05
    Best: "Pretending" and "Wicked Game"
    Worst: "Solitary Man"

  • best : the funeral of hearts
    worst : wings of a butterfly & wicked game

  • best: Gone with the sin and When Love And Death Embrace
    worst: Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly and Join me (first version)

  • Best: Funeral of Hearts (not one of my favourite songs though)

    Worst: Erm... Pretending

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    • 16 aug 2010, 00:36
    The best: Heartkiller
    The worst: Join Me In Death (Ice)

  • Best: The Funeral of Hearts & The Sacrament. I love the blue/winter feel to them.

    Worst: Heartkiller, because it's sort of boring & almost disturbing (to me, at least) because of how skeletal Ville looked in it.

  • Best: Revamped Killing Lonliness
    Old Join Me video with the random movie shots. X3
    The Sacrament. Ville is just so hot in that vid.

    Worst: Wicked Game. Ew. Pretending wasn't that great either.

    Cicadas & gulls.
  • For me
    The best: The Sacrament and The Kiss of Dawn
    The worst: When Love and Death Embrace

    Let's roll!!!!
    • mcdanx sa...
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    • 13 aug 2011, 17:38
    are you kidding me? killing loneliness awesome vid. (version with coin)
    my fave - killing loneliness, ode to solitude.

  • Favorites:
    - Join Me in Death (ice version)
    - The Funeral of Hearts
    - Buried Alive by Love
    - Gone with the Sin (the version with the tombstone).

    I don't like:
    - Wicked Game (the strip club version; i think that the queen version is better)

    Kirkkoni ei ole hopeasta ja kullasta, Sen ylistys on sielujen tuomion yläpuolella Käskyt ovat lohdutuksesta ja lämmöstä.

  • Updating:

    - The Funeral of Hearts
    - The Kiss of Dawn
    - The Sacrament
    - Buried Alive By Love
    - Wicked Game (1998 version)

    - Wicked Game (UK / strip club version)
    - Killing Loneliness (US version, I like the other version =])
    - Heartkiller

    Kirkkoni ei ole hopeasta ja kullasta, Sen ylistys on sielujen tuomion yläpuolella Käskyt ovat lohdutuksesta ja lämmöstä.

  • best:
    and love said no
    heartkiller (the art of the video is so... beautiful!)
    when love and death embrace
    the funeral of hearts
    wicked game (96 version)
    right here in my arms

    wings of a butterfly, of course!
    wicked game (the strip version O_O)
    solitary man

    maybe i'll update it '-'

  • Best
    Pretending (am i the only one who loves it?)

    Kiss of dawn (it sucked!)

    • moneeca3 sa...
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    • 10 jun 2012, 20:24
    Best: Pretending (very creative!)
    Worst: Heartkiller

  • The best: The sacrament, Buried alive by love;
    The worst: Wicked Game, Gone with the sin.

  • the best : In joy and sorrow, When love and death embrace
    the worst : Wings of butterfly, Solitary man

  • Re::)

    The best:
    ~ Join me in death
    ~ When love and death embrace
    ~ The funeral of hearts
    ~ The kiss of dawn

    Are you kidding me? We're talking about HIM here, right? I definitely think that they don't have worse videos. I love all of their videos. All of their songs. All of their albums.

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