Lifetime favourite bands

  • Lifetime favourite bands

    Well, which are your favourite bands? Or bands which you don't listen now but have influenced your life?

    • Thanely sa...
    • Användare
    • 12 aug 2010, 16:02
    Pink Floyd!!!!!!!! i love them absolutely. Not even mention Mother Love Bone!

  • wouldn't label them as my favourite band anymore but the smashing pumpkins influenced my life a lot!

  • Alice in Chains is my favourite band of all time surely, but Jethro Tull has been with me my whole life and are still probably my second choice.

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    I wasn't born to follow

    ooden Shijps, Psychi Ills, Magic Lantern, Sun Araw
    Redigerad av hjbardenhagen den 29 jul 2011, 17:02
  • Black Sabbath surely influenced my life, as well as Deep Purple. But if I have to say one band that is closest to my heart, it would be Alice in Chains, surely.

    • gonnhead sa...
    • Användare
    • 22 sep 2010, 05:34
    Pink Floyd or Grateful Dead or Primus or the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
    • Användare
    • 7 nov 2010, 17:43
    Hmmm...I would have to say Nirvana. They've helped me through some rough times in my life.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
    • Användare
    • 14 nov 2010, 12:46
    Nirvana, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin...
    But Alice in Chains are awesome as well...

  • Alice in chains , nirvana and pearl jam

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
    • Användare
    • 14 jan 2011, 02:50
    Led Zeppelin, The Cure, The Clash... so many... too many to name!

  • Nirvana, The Doors, The Velvet Underground and the Ramones.
    I wouldn't say they all influenced me in a positive way but these bands have been with me all my life.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
    • Användare
    • 10 jun 2012, 12:39
    Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Mother Love Bone, ostatnio również zafascynował mnie gatunek riot grrrl i zespoły Bikini Kill, Hole, L7

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