Illuminations Track Listing

    • wallac82 sa...
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    • 1 okt 2010, 00:03

    Illuminations Track Listing

    Track listing:
    Wandering Kind (Prelude)
    Bells of New York City
    L'Ora Dell'Addio
    Hidden Away
    Au Jardin Des Sans Pourquoi
    Higher Window
    If I Walk Away
    Love Only Knows
    Voce Existe Em Mim
    War At Home
    London Hymn
    Straight To You

    ~ LaKeesha ~

    "I am the air, I am invisible to those who don't know me,
    but to the ones that do... I am the most vital part to their existence..."
    • geniphur sa...
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    • 13 nov 2010, 00:04
    exclusive first listen of illuminations is being streamed on facebook:

    i can't wait to get a physical copy of the album!

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