McDreamy or McSteamy? Or what man do you prefer?

    • MeMeMeMo sa...
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    • 1 nov 2007, 20:10

    McDreamy or McSteamy? Or what man do you prefer?

    For me, It's the one and only...McSteamy.

    He is simply perfect!! :D

    I think I'm in love with him.

  • I loved Danny Duquette.
    I won't ever forgive the writers that they've killed him off :/

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  • Hahah, I loved Denny too!!
    But Burke was my fav. :P

  • yeah, Burke was hot ^^
    Derek is too annoying for me, he's like beaten puppy...

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  • George
    Joe (barman)
    any other male character or even random extras

    McSteamy is bottom. he is funny and good to have around plot wise but he is a total asshole

  • well for me Alex and Derek are assholes too.

    Karev is even bigger 'menwhore' than Sloan, and Derek, be Mer's puppet for 4 seasons and not tell girl that u're married, then try to get back to ur wife whilst still loving different's all just plain sick.

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  • nobody is perfect on the show. it needs that. if any of the guys or girls were perfect it would be boring. flawed people add realism. even the guys i dont like are needed to make things interesting.

    but i can related to george and derick best and they are the kind of guys i would want my female friends to go out with. wouldnt want them near manwhore like steamy. even if he is funny and decent in other ways. he doesnt treat the ladies right.

  • derek called meredith a 'whore' and george slept with izzie whilst being married to Callie.
    imho that's not very subtle treatment.

    ofcourse everyone is flawed.
    however some of them.... I just wish will be murdered soon :D

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  • he was angry. everyone says things they dont mean when they are angry. but he has stood by her when most guys would run for the hills. dreamy is the best.

    and george was drunk when he slept with izzie and the whole marriage was doomed from the start. but yeah that wasnt his best moment. but if you judge everybody by their biggest mistake then everyone on earth is a terrible person.

    everyones been in the wrong a few times. but george and dreamy have good hearts. they have integrity and try and do whats right. they arent perfect, they are human. but they are sorry when wrong and try to be right.

    its people who know that they are wrong and do it over and over again anyways. steamy and alex have repeatedly treated women as objects. they are players only interested in sex. though i did really warm up to alex when he showed a deeper side with the addison thing and then the eva thing.

    • tallesh sa...
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    • 4 nov 2007, 18:34
    derek is anoying; he's kinda pathetic. but i agree with you, he's stood with meredith when most guys would walk away.

    mcsteamy and alex are totally assholes, but i still like mcsteamy... he's funny and deep inside he's a good person.
    ok, he betrayed his best friend, but come on, addison is really really hot! lol

    some people dont ever learn, they keep mistaking over and over... and i'll never forget alex for walking away from Addison.

  • and sleeping with lexie this week after what happened last week with eva coming back for him. alex is a doofus.

    • tallesh sa...
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    • 4 nov 2007, 18:48
    just one more disgusting thing in alex.

  • yeah alex sunk really low by doing this.
    The show starts to loose it.
    No Addie, No Burke, ridiciulous Izzie-George relationship...

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    • tallesh sa...
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    • 4 nov 2007, 19:11
    i must confess that on the beggin of the show i thought that George was gay; lol
    he doesn't look like a man; and yeah it's ridiculous his relationship with Izzie.

  • TR Knight who plays George is actually gay.
    The guy who played Burke offended him in some way and they fired him :/

    And Izzie should have grieved some more after Denny's death...

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  • I totally agree, the grief period was quite annoying, but still, it should have lasted longer.

    and the guys:

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    • Bayou16 sa...
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    • 6 nov 2007, 04:18
    Burke for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the other can die in hell!

  • the burke character was pretty interesting. shame the actor that played him was a homophobic asshole. they didnt really have any choice but to fire him.

    while his character will be missed it does make christina more interesting.

    but they have replaced him with yet another female. greys needs a new man.

  • :lol:!!!!
    'homophobic asshole'?
    he used one offensive term for TR Knight ONE TIME, then he apologized for it. This should be all.

    He even has a right to be a hompophob, same right - Knght has a right to be gey. It's freakin' democracy.

    And let's focus on the fact that he is NOT a homophob, he just used one comment. This is no reason to get fird.
    The producers of this show are even more stupid then Meredith herself, since they either fired great actors [Washington], made new shows with the best characters or killed them off [Addie + Denny].

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  • MrDotWill... she always buries you :D

  • yeah, seems another debate (/argument) is about to start. hold onto your hats.

    i cant see any way anyone can say Isaiah washington (burke) shouldnt have been fired. in any public job prejudices cant be tolerated. anyone in the public eye who says anything homophobic or racist or sexist should be fired.

    keeping him on would have been bad for the show. bad for the relations between the actors and the rest of the crew making the show. it would have been bad for the reputation of the show and all associated with it. appearing to take a soft line on prejudices wouldnt be a good idea.

    also it wasnt really one time was it. first he called him a faggot during an argument then at an award ceremony he said that he hadnt called him a faggot. so he used the word twice. not the mention the big fat lie.

    also he is known for causing arguments and in some cases starting fights on the sets of a few things he has been on. a crew member from another show had to get a restraining order against him after he attacked him on set. seems he has quite the temper. seems like an asshole to me.

    so despite being a good actor and playing a great character he really had to go. and the way it was put in the storyline wasnt too bad. every storyline had an curve. it starts off and it gets going and then it ends. the christina burke relationship had always been rahter on edge. rather complex characters so the relatonship was always going to be bumpy. so it was pretty easy to end it. and it provided a good end to the season and made christina more interesting.

    with denny it started and it was good and it ended. if it went on and on then it would have got rather boring. dennys character was a device to give izzys character more depth. his part was short and sweet.

    as for addy going im not a big fan of hers so i dont mind. if you do then you can follow her to her new show. you dont seem to like the main characters or storylines or much else about greys anatomy.

    dont wanna tell you how to live your life but if you want to be happy my advice is to watch things that make you happy and avoid those that dont.

  • wow thats alot longer than i thought, sorry it turned into a mini-essay

  • yes ignoring bad things in life is fantastic idea :lol:

    Marlon Brando was always drunk while doing "Apocalypse now" which was not really great press for the film.
    So yeah it's a SHAME they haven't fired him :d

    Great actor is a cgreat actor. Now we are left with average ones.

    And Izzie character is really deep, yeah.
    Especially that everyone consider her relationship with George the worst idea in the show ever, so that's really fantastic turn of events.

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  • the connection between Marlons drinking and Isaiahs Homophobia being?

    i didnt say she was the deepest character in the world i just said it had made her deeper. before that she was just Dr.Model, the good looking one who wasnt that interesting. but the relationship got some emotions out of her character. first the love and then the depression after he died. it certainly made me a little more interested in what befiore that storyline had been one of my least favourite characters.

  • you are seriously delusional if you think calling someone 'faggot' makes a person homophob.

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