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Skapad den: 25 dec 2007
For fans of artists from Grand Central Records

"Grand Central Records was started in 1995 by Mark Rae, owner of Manchester record shop Fat City Records.
He discovered many of the label's artists searching for tracks in his shop, including Aim, Mark's first signing.
After 70 releases - including the Central Heating compilations, and albums from Rae & Christian, Aim
and Fingathing - the label is developing from its hip-hop roots, with albums on the way from new artists such as
Kate Rogers, Niko and Mark's own first solo abum. So what makes Grand Central so special? "We develop
artists over a long period of time. They grow in an organic way," says Mark. "There's not that pressure to become
pop music so it has an earthy organicness to it."" -

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