How Do You Have the Theme Song Tagged?

  • How Do You Have the Theme Song Tagged?

    Hi there... I'm totally anal when it comes to having my music tagged correctly, and when it comes to the theme, I have no idea what's right. The official soundtrack says it's called "Where You Lead I Will Follow", but everywhere else, it's simply, "Where You Lead". There's also the issue of whether it's by Carole King & Louise Goffin as a lot of places seem to say, or feat. Louise Goffin, as MusicBrainz says. (eg. "Carole King - Where You Lead I Will Follow (feat. Louise Goffin)")

    If anyone knows the right answer, I'd love to know. Thanks so much! (And wow, I had no idea Carole King was Sophie on GG until today.)

  • im sorry.. dont really know.. but i checked.. and it's always "where you lead" carole king & louise goffin


  • Louise was one of two daughters from her marriage to songwriting partner, Gerry Goffin. Louise is featured on the new version of Where You Lead that is being used on GG. The original version can be found on 1971's Tapestry album.

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