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Skapad den: 3 feb 2009
Group dedicated to Gia Marie Carangi (January 26, 1960 - November 18, 1986)

Many of you have probably only heard of Gia from the 1998 HBO film "Gia" starring Angelina Jolie as the lead role. In real life, Gia Carangi was THE hottest model of her time. Appearing in fashion magazines and strutting her stuff on the catwalk in designer dubs during the Studio 54 hoppin', disco-fueled, late 1970s and New Wave-dominated, Reagan era, early 1980s. As beautiful as she was, she lead a tragic and experimental life of heroin addiction and died of AIDS before her 30th birthday. Today she is often labeled as "the first supermodel" and one of the first women in the public eye to die of AIDS.

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