the 60s garage band The Wailers

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    • 8 aug 2007, 23:24

    the 60s garage band The Wailers

    A very important band in the history of rock n roll music hasnt got its own page cos lastfm aint set up to deal with some Jamaican guy naming his band the same. Suggest instead of Wailers as listed in connections- if anyone actually listens to em here we all scrobble tracks as The (Fabulous) Wailers a page that does exist for them alone.

    • viker sa...
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    • 14 aug 2007, 02:39
    i actually have my tracks by them tagged as The Fabulous Wailers, but still scrobbles them as The Wailers.

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    • 18 aug 2007, 23:05
    The lastfm system of scrobbling and multiple artists is my complaint with it, but the brackets seem to work in this case

  • Hi, i have the same problem when i listen the Fabulous wailers ,the track is scrobbed as the Wailers .

  • I dont have a problem with it. I knew the reggae group before I heard the garage band. A lot of artists have to share band pages. Get over it.

    • pixienat sa...
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    • 21 apr 2009, 22:02
    One of the few decent Pacific Northwest garage groups to have existed. The music scene around Portland sucks so much these days. Glad I'm leaving!

  • yeah it's a shame there's so much confusion with the band name. such a great band! definitely one of the best and first garage bands around..

    I Love The (Fabulous) Wailers !!

    • beatrik sa...
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    • 30 dec 2009, 15:26
    That's for not confuse the Bob Marley band The Wailers, with the same name.
    The garage band The Wailers was very important for bands like The Sonics

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