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Skapad den: 19 nov 2010
A group for users of the gadgets at


Because of domain name issues I have moved all services to a new domain. The new domain is It is necessary to update the images on your profile (either by replacing "lastfm.gammalyrae" with "lastfmtools" or just by recreating them).

This group is for people that use the gadgets on In the forum there is place to discuss bugs, questions, comments and suggestions.

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  • TyraxDarkstorm

    +1 from Poland.

    15 aug 17:33 Svara
  • heyheygig

    Is there an album collage widget that can be used on websites/blogs? I really like your album collage, but I want to use it outside of lastfm. Thanks!

    19 jun 04:49 Svara
  • CrossProduct

    and yes, it is a major slap in the face of the community.

    29 maj 07:51 Svara
  • CrossProduct

    hi emash_ru: I will look into I wasn't aware of its existance. If I stop I will upload the code to github.

    29 maj 07:50 Svara
  • emash_ru

    please do some steps for those who will leave for or other services and either opensource your project or make it somehow avaliable for the future. Thank you. I was very dissapointed with new design and it's future for hardcore'ers seems doomed.

    28 maj 11:29 Svara
  • CrossProduct

    It seems that the new website won't have any "about me" section. This might also mean the end of this service which is a real pity :(

    28 maj 09:05 Svara
  • CrossProduct

    @joehni: done

    28 maj 09:05 Svara
  • joehni

    Hi, can you please update the caceh for "Sefora Nelson" - "Glück" ? The old cover had a bad quality. Thanks!

    22 maj 21:21 Svara
  • CrossProduct

    Hello thegreattoad, you don't seem to be a premium user. I cannot find you in my list and I cannot find any donation related to your user name.

    19 jan 15:07 Svara
  • thegreattoad

    Hello! I recently updated my settings to get the widgets working again. However, they have not updated in the two weeks since I did so. I thought I was a premium user. Could you confirm if I am; if not, I will become one.

    18 jan 15:46 Svara
  • Fitzcairn_

    Hi ! I was wondering why my image didnt work anymore but i just seen you changed domain so thank you to keep this good widget working for us ! Does i i still have my premium with the new domain ? I hope so :)

    3 jan 15:05 Svara
  • randy98mtu

    Love the widgets. Glad to see someone still actively doing something around!

    31 dec 2014 Svara
  • CrossProduct

    Done, thanks :)

    30 dec 2014 Svara
  • The-Ahti

    Alright, thanks for advice.

    23 dec 2014 Svara
  • CrossProduct

    Btw, you can improve it by uploading a better image to, it will then be used by my service but it might take up to a month.

    23 dec 2014 Svara
  • CrossProduct

    I've looked on your profile and it looks pretty good to me. Sadly some of the source images are bad. I take them straight from, not much I can do about it. On retina it looks much worse cause the image is up-scaled to double its size.

    23 dec 2014 Svara
  • CrossProduct

    Do you have by any chance a retina screen?

    23 dec 2014 Svara
  • The-Ahti

    It's just some images that are bad quality. Most of them are fine.

    22 dec 2014 Svara
  • The-Ahti

    The image quality is quite weak, especially noticeable if you put just one column (large image). Do you think the image quality could be improved? And yes I'm a premium user.

    22 dec 2014 Svara
  • BagOfLoot

    Hooray, it works! Thanks!

    28 nov 2014 Svara
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