1001 Things To Do Tomorrow

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    • 22 maj 2012, 20:46

    1001 Things To Do Tomorrow

    1. Scream inhuman obscenities at my miniature Easter Island heads.
    2. Dye my hair a colour outside the spectrum of human visual range, so only crayfish and lobsters can appreciate its majesty.
    3. Pitch my idea for a rom-com set in Skyrim to some captive geese.
    4. Emit high-pitched noises from my kidneys.
    5. Blow raspberries on Tony Wakeford's belly for everyones amusement.
    6. Punch pilot whales and accuse them of conspiring against the republic.
    7. Write an essay on why wallpaper is stupid.
    8. Squeeze Kennoth's bottom when he least expects it.
    9. Grow an extra set of armpits behind my knees, just in case.
    10. Mine for pigeons.
    11. Violently rape theodolites.
    12. Translate 'The Good Soldier Sjevk' by Jaroslav Hasek into Klanger-speak.
    13. Start a beige metal band called Chameleonic Diorrhea.
    14. Falsely proclaim to be king of the celeriac people.
    15. Pimp the Archbishop of Canterbury.
    16. Invent a new way of spelling the word 'a'.
    17. Proove beyond all conjecture that 1 + 1 = MASSIVE.
    18. Record myself saying "bup-bup, bup-bup-bup, bup-bup, bup, bup-bup-bup" for 97 hours.
    19. Attempt to recontextualize the soviet realism movement (oft confused with the similarily named 'social realist movement') as an example of the wests dawning acceptance and awareness of our environmental shortsightedness and anti-conservationalist sentiments that fuction as an alternative (not in opposition) of contemporary 'relational' art practice.
    21. Direct Mein Kampf; The Musical! (snub Andrew Lloyd-Webber)
    22. Tattoo a photorealist likeness of my face on my own face.
    23. Commision a polar bear to create an informational diorama about J.J. Charlesworth.
    24. Sail an Egyptian barge over the Custard Factory.
    25. Fondle manatees inappropriately.
    26. Design and patent a Duncan Banatyne Burning kit
    27. Fail to think of 1001 things to do tomorrow.

  • 28. Consider additional items to add

    “Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music”
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    • 23 maj 2012, 12:41
    29. Check my last.fm-only email account for spam (see "What's on my clipboard" and "Ctrl+v" threads)

    2A 30. Remember not to always count in hexadecimal.

    31. Play some more music from the last.fm radio on this account :)

    32. Think of some more awesome imaginary band names.

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    • 23 maj 2012, 15:14
    33. Form a posse with some garden gnomes.
    34. Summon incorporeal triangles from the elemental plane of really-big-holes.
    35. Pen a national socialist diatribe in heiroglyphics.
    36. Conspire with tramps.
    37. Renovate a derelict barrow into a Burger King.
    38. Paint St. Pauls Cathedal hot pink and start calling it Lorna Simpson II.
    39. Play Peter Kay DVDs in super-slow-motion.

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    • 23 maj 2012, 22:51
    40. Divide by zero.

  • 41. Burn my exes house down
    42. Piss on an elderly woman
    43. Try to sell voodoo dolls to my neighbors
    44. Contract AIDS
    45. Write a letter to myself in the future.

  • 46-Take candy from a baby.
    {It really is that easy}

    Please let there be light In a darkened room
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    • 24 maj 2012, 20:50
    47. Use all my powers of charm and persausion to convince Varg Vikernes to start an 8-bit thug-disco band called Swagkrieg.
    48. Start an entire Swagkrieg movement.
    49. Get myself nominated for this years Turner Prize by curating a performance featuring both myself and several quite large men of various races and ethnicities to trump out the Ugandan national anthem on old teak tables.
    50. Profit from the adventurous exploits of swashbuckling echidnas.
    51. Raze cities to the ground simply by having Brian Blessed shout at them.

  • 52. Obtain the Enchyridion.
    53. Eat a dick.
    54. Buy an iPhone
    55. Smash an iPhone
    56. Mount a Zebra and ride into the sunset.
    57. Build Alchemy lab.

  • 58. Try and understand quantum mechanics
    59. Ogle an eagle
    60. Walk an otter on a leash
    61. Continue to maintain my rage against Facebook while still laughing at people who bought shares in it

    “Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music”
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    • 25 maj 2012, 13:49
    62. Fix the chronically broken "Start your word with the last two letters of mine" thread ;)
    63. Enable llamas.
    64. Prove the equation 1 = 2.
    65. Express curiosity about who will get item 69 in this list.

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    • 25 maj 2012, 22:56
    66. Try to convince people that 1332 is the most evil number as it is double 666.
    67. Try to convince people that unicorns are real and going to invade Earth within 5 minutes of me telling them that.
    68. Run for class president and get assassinated by extremists.
    69. Go an entire day without fantasizing or thinking about sex.

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    • 30 maj 2012, 22:48
    70. Exploit hedgehogs
    71. Breed toupees
    72. Dismiss meteorites
    73. Penetrate jungles
    74. Throw Finns
    75. Marry zombies
    76. Mock cupboards
    77. Imitate coral
    78. Wash oxygen
    79. Eat korans
    80. Bend horizons
    81. Support flamingos
    82. Terrify stumps
    83. Direct buckets
    84. Impersonate shirts
    85. Read my belly button
    86. Summon genitalia
    87. Burn tears
    88. Swallow questions
    89. Tickle basilisks
    90. Tell Nicolas Cage to chill the fuck out

  • 91. rape a hot chick
    92.rob a bank
    93.run from the cops
    94.emigrate to Mexico

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    • 1 jun 2012, 14:58
    95. harassing and hunting people

    kolotipikukalatiminu baa baaaaa walatiminungkadabungbangbung

  • 96. Sleep furiously with colorless green ideas

  • 97. Write a book, then tear it up and throw it over a bridge.
    98. Smoke until my lungs turn black, then act in a commercial on why smoking is bad.
    99. Create a music video which includes every sports team's mascot jumping on a trampoline.
    100. Purchase Google, then sell it to an old man who has never used the internet.

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    • 2 jun 2012, 16:17
    101. Buy it back from the old man for £500. then put the source code into the public domain :D
    102. Cash in the shares to hire an expensive copyright solicitor to dodge the resultant flak ;)

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    • 6 jun 2012, 04:29
    103. Work with a team of executives and buy the rights to 7-11's Slurpee machine.
    104. Play Meteos and yell out loud about blowing up planets at the DS.
    105. Create solar fusion.
    106. Stare at that MLA handbook guide I never opened for 10 minutes.
    107. Play with Google Map's road view feature and pretend I'm driving through Detroit.
    108. Watch The Big Bang theory and yell out loud about blowing up planets at the TV.
    109. Invent a new drug using envelope adhesive and Hawaiian Punch.
    110. Watch "Chicken Techno" on Youtube and ask myself why am I watching this?

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    • 6 jun 2012, 11:21
    111. Evaluate 7 in binary.
    112. Calculate how many pounds in a hundredweight.
    113. Make a remix of Lionel Richie and Amy Lee... oh, wait
    114. Reformat some 5.25 inch 360K floppies with DOS 3.3
    115. (EDIT) Count forum posts.
    116. Mine some redstone :D
    117. Eat seven cadburys mini rolls...
    118. Phone directory enquiries (not).
    119. Allow SIM card to send a message?

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  • 120. Wake up

    “Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music”
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    • 6 jun 2012, 19:01
    InterceptorZero said:
    110. Watch "Chicken Techno" on Youtube and ask myself why am I watching this?

    121. Curse and lament the fact I never came up with (and profited) from this idea.

  • 122. Eat a bagel.
    123. Slap a penguin.
    124. Wax my eyebrows
    125. Transform into my final form.
    126. Sell the rest of the organs I have in my freezer.
    127. Lots of hookers.

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    • 7 jun 2012, 18:55
    128. For security reasons, change password to at least ten mixed upper/lower/digit/punctuation characters. Woo. (DONE.)

  • 129. Leave my password as it is because I'm a rebel.

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