:3 Imaginary Band Game

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    • 26 feb 2012, 09:11

    :3 Imaginary Band Game

    Howdy doody! Even though SaltComplex's "Your Fictional Band's Name" is literally the greatest thread that has ever existed and probably ever will, it does suffer from a depressing lack of updates.

    I've admitted before that I have a rather sad hobby of making up band names or concocting projects that i'll never get around to starting. I figured rather than spending weeks/months gathering up all my bizarre braingasms I have littered about the place simply to flytip the lot onto the afforementioned thread, why not give others the opportunity to decide what sort of band/artist would have a particular name.

    The rules are simple. Each time we post we post a band name - this can absolutely anything you like! a verb, a noun, a sentence, a quote, a pop culture reference, another bands song title, a four letter band name (hello Black Rebel Motorcycle Club), some arrangement of non-standard characters and gibberish, something meaningful or something nonsensical, even a made up persons name! whatever your imagination can conjure up - and the next poster describes what sort of band/artist it/he/she/they would be, be as brief or a detailed (and as serious or as lulzy) as you please.

    After your done elaborating on the last posters band name, pick your own for the next user to describe. Easy pesey! For example if I posted the band name Safety Walrus then SaltComplex might describe them as "a fruitful collaboration betwixt doomgaze aesthetics, folkdrone tendencies and japanoise sensibilities". SaltComplex might then post the band name Zou, to which Kennoth might describe as "errrrm... one-man ghetto-ass black metal? bitches" (well he might!) and so on ad infinitum...


    Anyway i'll start off proceedings with this;

    The Last Human

  • The Last Human: The moniker of Douglas Naylor, formerly of the avant-garde collaboration "The Camp of the Saints" who left the group to pursue his solo career after a disagreement in the progression of the music style. Naylor wanted to transition away from electroacousitc soundscape composition to ambient isolationism, his desire reflective of personal conflicts. Native of Montreal, Naylor is infamous for playing preemptive, though unannounced, shows atop the city's more accommodating modern feats or architectures to mysterious informed audiences as often as he plays similar venues for crowds of apathetic pigeons.

    Messages By Carrier Pelicans

    (selfsuprise: thank you for the kind words. Somewhere, there is a paradisaical field filled with benevolent light where all of our threads go when they die...they are happy there. Know also that the aforementioned thread always appreciates your contributions)

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    • 29 feb 2012, 21:34
    Messages By Carrier Pelicans: A band with the emotive composition of the ever-resonant and oversaturated brand of shoegazing majesty peddled by bands like iLiKETRAiNS and The Twilight Sad, only the guitars have been replaced with the heavily distorted ambience deeply rooted in Steven Stapleton's more melodic dirges (think his Funeral Music For Perez Prado) with spoken Jennet Thomas-esque surrealist pathos drenched commentary. Released a 7" on Ecstatic Peace Records recently called Hurvin Anderson which is about the particular kind of sadness only found in hairdressers. On the B Side is a dronegaze cover of Making Plans For Nigel by XTC.

    SaltComplex said:
    The Last Human: The moniker of Douglas Naylor, formerly of the avant-garde collaboration "The Camp of the Saints" who left the group to pursue his solo career after a disagreement in the progression of the music style. Naylor wanted to transition away from electroacousitc soundscape composition to ambient isolationism, his desire reflective of personal conflicts. Native of Montreal, Naylor is infamous for playing preemptive, though unannounced, shows atop the city's more accommodating modern feats or architectures to mysterious informed audiences as often as he plays similar venues for crowds of apathetic pigeons.

    (selfsuprise: thank you for the kind words. Somewhere, there is a paradisaical field filled with benevolent light where all of our threads go when they die...they are happy there. Know also that the aforementioned thread always appreciates your contributions)

    Thanks for imaginative response! :D Hopefully our meandering descriptions won't scare the rest of the posters away.

    I am slowly cobbbling together a list of my more worthwhile ideas that I hope to post there soon. I'd hate to see that thread disappear completly off the radar - nor this one while we're at it!


    Next name: Secunda's Kiss

  • Secunda's Kiss: Name inspired by St. Secunda of the Rufina and Secunda legends as a blasphemy against a rather obscure saint, this group focuses on making a sound that's even more obscure by combining Lo-Fi true black metal with witch house electronics.

    The Black Metal Influence: The guitars and the black metal screech (see the next paragraph for more on the vocals) are present, but the guitar only uses the treble strings for the extra sting. A bass guitar is not needed, as it adds too much low-end.

    The Witch House Influence: Throw in the electronic drums and synthesizers and mix out all the lower frequencies. The drums would perform witch house style patterns, and the synthesizers are for the bleeps and bloops and background chords for the atmosphere. There might be a song (or two) where the voice is distorted for an even more ambiguous vocal sound, which would be pitch-shifted up an octave from the original vocal recordings for the true nails-on-chalkboard effect.

    Lyrical themes: Basically just what you'd expect from witch house and black metal- occultist themes. The twist here is that the songs twist stories from the Bible and other Christian stories to make the subject as unchristian as possible. Turn Rufina and Secunda into prostitutes who renounce their religion when their fiancés did to spare themselves of the persecution.

    Or just have the vocalist screech "hail Satan" every 5 seconds. It's not like anyone will understand him anyway.

    Image: The project would only have two members, and live performances would be out of the question. This is for diehard, true fans, after all. Live performances are a sign of caring more for the money and fame than music- that's a huge no-no. The group can only attract fans solely with the music. No promotion, and definitely no interviews. There would not be photos of said group members, so they would not be categorized into any genre by looks.

    Next name: Occultist Beats

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    • 1 mar 2012, 21:46
    Buggering-hell Amaterasu! Excellent and insanely over-detailed description above and beyond the call of duty. Well done... :D

    Occultist Beats: One of the many myriad projects and pseudonyms by which rapper and Austin Osman Spare fancier Rygel Ibklad Harrison produces under. Despite hailing from Wolverhampton in England he stylistically owes more to the likes of MF Doom and Busdriver, rather than the UK's particular brand of grime and WIRE approved funkycore. He is known for making ironically critical biographical albums regarding the lifes and works of various occultists and magicians, littered with various pop culture references to lesser-known Dungeons & Dragons monsters and CBeebies.

    Most songs sample neo-folk melodies and batcave music riffs, sometimes blatantly so (like in his tribute song 18th century witch Isobel Gowdie which sampled the sluggish bassline on Current 93's Suzanne: She and I in Darkness We Lay and Lie) or sometimes veer into pseudo-satirical detroit style recalling the likes of F.U.S.E and Drexciya. He vocalizes as if Stig Of The Dump had a more erudite and considered approach, which effectively makes him sound like a of hip-hop version of David Tibet.

    next name; Fog Giant

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    • 1 mar 2012, 22:42
    We had something in this vein on metal-archives, it was pretty fun. It wasn't a forum game like this as much as it was just fucking around with (usually humorous) fantasy bands.

    Fog Giant

    One of the pioneers of French sludge metal scene, a peculiar brand of sludge influenced by bands like Acid Bath and Eyehategod, but on the other hand, Icelandic post-rock/ambient. Fog Giant's music is characterised by lumbering tempos, extremely downtuned heavy guitars, and yet, vast crescendos and intricate play of clean guitar and synth harmonies. The style can be seen to owe somewhat to French drone/doom like Monarch! in that it relies heavily on atmosphere and may not, to most ears, bear closer inspection for long periods of time, but its trance-inducing aspects make it the stoner's favourite.

    The band was founded in 1999, first as a traditional doom metal band. Fog Giant emerged from the French doom metal demo scene in 2007 with their debut full-length, "Insectivorous Matricide Celebration". In the debut album the trad doom leanings were still quite apparent, much of which the band shed with the follow-up album "II: Eternity In Dialysis (Hymns for the Cretinous Innocents)" in 2009, where song lengths doubled, amount of riffs halved and atmosphere became the focus of the band.

    The sophomore album remains, to date, Fog Giant's latest full-length, but the band has released several splits and EPs, some of which recapture their trad doom beginnings, while others portray diverse influences from bands such as Sisters of Mercy and Electric Light Orchestra.

    Next name: Ecstatic Mutilation

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    • 2 mar 2012, 23:00
    Ecstatic Mutilation: One of those rare power electronics acts that manages to straddle the border between dynamic 'improvised' synth/vinyl abuse peddled by Kylie Minoise and The Rita and the performative atmospheric menance mastered by acts like IRM and Genocide Organ. The Ecstatic Mutiliation trio posit the controversial notion that all forms of christian martyrdom and penance are a direct response to repressed sexuality, that virtues and their attendant rituals oft regarded as the best aspects of human nature (chastity, flagellation, etc) are infact the worse and most extroadinary kind of perversions.

    Sarguer said:
    We had something in this vein on metal-archives, it was pretty fun. It wasn't a forum game like this as much as it was just fucking around with (usually humorous) fantasy bands.

    I'm massively impressed with the effort you and the others have put into your answers. As I said before, you can be as serious or as lulzy as you please, and if anyone else wants to have a go you really don't have to give lengthy replies like the above examples! Though its always desirable :3

    next name; Conversation Over Bottle Of New World

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    • 6 mar 2012, 13:52
    ...so nobody liked the last one. I suppose thats what I get when I try to name bands after Charlie Hammond artworks (imagined or otherwise) ;p

    Conversation Over Bottle Of New World: 8-man (including one female turntable experimentalist) improvization outfit whose long attention-defying droning/skittering sound pieces break out into brief forays of intentionally stereotypical jazz.

    Next; Naked Except For Socks

  • Naked Except For Socks: Gore/Pornogrind group focused on mutilation of sock covered feet on otherwise naked people (gender irrelevant), this group's sound focuses on making music for the clubs that will never play what they create. As a result, there are random breaks (in true sense of the word) where the music cuts to typical pop/R&B/rap "cut and paste" choruses about graphic mutilation of feet in socks to appease a fetish that probably only no more than 20 people besides them share. Otherwise, this group uses the basic idea of bands like SpermSwamp- graphic samples, pitch-shifted growls, and general "what the f***-ery".

    Selfsurprise said:
    Buggering-hell Amaterasu! Excellent and insanely over-detailed description above and beyond the call of duty. Well done... :D

    Why thank you, kind sir! :D

    Next Band: Cheeto-Fingers

  • Cheeto-Fingers: Quirky american comedic rock band. Their sound is something of an obscure stew of bands such as Primus, System of a Down and Mr.Bungle. Their appearance would probably be a cliche sort of lazy trucker look. EDIT: Incorporates funk elements of James Brown proportions. Song title examples include; Meatball Clit' Fest and Jungle duck thump.

    Next band: Bloody Monarch

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    • 9 mar 2012, 19:28
    Bloody Monarch

    Doom/death metal pioneer from dreary, gloomy England, Bloody Monarch came too late to make an impact to the overall sound of the style, but in the band's own music, a highly original infusion of Black Sabbath's bluesy heavy metal riffing is noticeable. That is not to say Bloody Monarch is a stoner metal band: the overt melancholy and destructive Bolt Thrower-influenced riffing make it a doom/death metal band without doubt. However, whereas many bands of the style brought their doom influences from apparently out of nowhere, Bloody Monarch's doomy elements can easily be traced back to Black Sabbath's early 70s albums.

    Lacking their peers' commercial success, Bloody Monarch tried shifting more into pure death metal territories with their 1999 album Master of the Enigma. In 2001, the band split up, frontmant Oswald McWhitethorpe citing his disappointment in the band's success, and the adverse effects of the consequent frustration to his songwriting, as a main reason.

    1993 - God Has Abandoned His Creation (Demo)
    1994 - After Forever, Death (Full-length)
    1996 - The Hand of Dreaming Souls (Full-length)
    1996 - A National Icon (EP)
    1999 - Master of the Enigma (Full-length)

    Next band: Rancid Stench of Cunt

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    • 11 mar 2012, 11:56
    No dice? Well, can't blame you.

    Rancid Stench of Cunt:

    A shortlived Tasmanian goregrind band that implemented tuba and Naked City influences.

    Next band:

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    • 13 mar 2012, 16:06
    Thanks for keeping the thread going in my brief absence. Real life + weekend work commitment keeps interrupting my calling ;p

    Deathwhite: Grim resonance tribute project to Finnish WW2 sniper Simo Häyhä (nicknamed "White Death") although often compared to other lyrically-heavy power electronics bands like Deathpile or Genocide Organ the man behind Deathwhite (English martial and industrial doyen Garbett Lumley) says that the project isn't meant to be read as unthinkingly misanthropic or even as a glorification of war. He insists that his admiration of the war hero in question, as well as the exploits of other soldiers, is paradoxically at odds with his contempt for the political and idealogical machinations that are at the root of all conflicts. He cites poet and British war-hero Siegfried Sassoon as a influence.

    self-titled demo (cdr)
    Iron Sights full length-cdr
    Suojeluskunta 10"
    Snow In His Mouth 7"
    Alikersantti CD
    White Camouflage 12" Double Gate-Fold LP
    White Camouflage CD (bonus tracks)
    7" split with Ecstatic Mutilation
    Mosin-Nagant Rifle CD
    Smertbelaya CD (re-mastered collection including the self-titled demo, the Suojeluskunta 10" and Snow In His Mouth 7")
    505 12" single
    Viipuri Province CD


    next name: Psionic Lynxes

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    • 13 mar 2012, 22:32
    Psionic Lynxes

    A three-woman avant-garde electronica band, where all the instruments are played telekinetically by means of remote viewing and Jahn/Dunne R.E.G. technology.

    Their live gigs are awesome, due to their dynamic adaptation of the musical structures and rhythm/countermelodies to the audience thought-patterns and emotional atmosphere. They don't do recordings as such, for this reason, as each experience must be eternally fresh and unanticipated :)

    The band consists of:

    Rachel Rutherford (ex-Children of Haris) -- on Andosian Theremin
    Sarah Kerrigan (ex-Queen of Blades) -- on Zerg Overmind Keyboards
    Tanya (ex-Redalert) -- on Tesla Coil VCS3 Modulators

    Their musical influences range from Xymox and Switchblade Symphony, to György Ligeti and Karlheinz Stockhausen, via ✝ DE△D VIRGIN ✝ and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop ;)

    Next name : Connect to Upstream Server Failed

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    • 14 mar 2012, 19:36
    Connect to Upstream Server Failed: Ongoing and irregular project by electronic avant-garde dance doyen Basil Gurney. Oddly citing Cuban bigband legend Perez Prado as his "greatest influence and totemic father figurehead for which he dedicates his art to", CtUSF has been described as falling inbetween eastern-european schranz techno and digital 'balloon and needle' type noise, like a direct hybrid of the dancefloor minimalism of Oxia and the slow-bulding textural offal of Cheapmachines.

    Next name; Moots Ranuva ;)

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    • 28 mar 2012, 16:56
    Best game ever needs more updates... shape of... THREAD RETROMANCY!

    Moots Ranuva: Often compared to sound artist and electro-acoustic collagist John Wall, Moots Ranuva (real name Sandra B. Zrzavy) deliberately plays to her obscurity by blatantly stealing fragments of other industrial artists work. Taking the addictive and all to brief tape squeels and rasping vinyl outbursts produced by noise and power electronics musicians, she isolates and abstracts them so that her lengthy compositions are more often defined by the spaces between sounds; a comparative speechless essay between digital and acoustic silence.

    Occasionally she enlists the aid of nihilistic-apathetic poet and spoken word surrealist Virgacs Aspen-Nikolaski, who has been described as "Milton Jones sadistic and swarthy-skinned cousin" known or recording his lonely performances on appropriated old soviet-bloc era technology.

    Next name; The Floppy Blocks

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    • 1 apr 2012, 21:02
    Why comes no u all play game? :c

    The Floppy Blocks: Your sisters boyfriends brothers art rock band from Huddersfield and the sort of band the NME hails "the greatest band that exists and ever will" for about 3 days until they get bored and jump on the next vaguely interesting outfit.

    Next name; Space Selkie

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    • 19 apr 2012, 15:43
    Space Selkie:

    Started off in 1996 as a raw black metal band in Ukraine. The early sound is noted for psychedelia, extensive guitar effects and extraordinary chord progressions (as well as unusual chords). Over time the black metal influences became more and more subdued, as well as less fused with the psychedelic progressive elements: especially on early 2000s albums the metal and psychedelic passages became separate. Later in the decade, the band embraced their original sound more, returning to the fusion style, though now with more polished and professional aesthetics. Their lyrical themes are mythology and fantasy related, sometimes fantasy completely made up by the band.

    The band is strongly influenced by Darkthrone, Hellhammer and Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd. The frontman Roman Svidzinsky (guitar, vocals, keyboards) of the three-piece has stated in an interview: "I don't know how it turned out like that at first. We wanted to play like Darkthrone and all those second wave black metallers. Some said to us that we had a very psychedelic sound, and that was interesting to us, so we started to explore that psychedelic stuff, as a band... I guess the effects use came from lack of good equipment, so I compensated shitty guitar sound with lots of effects!"

    Next one: Adam Slambert

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    • 20 apr 2012, 09:13
    ^ Very believable intepretation Sarguer! :D

    Adam Slambert: One of quickly emerging talents from Walsall's burgeoning 'Denominational Plunder' scene, Adam Slambert collides disparate and adversarial music together in his lengthy sound art/spoken word pieces. Some of his most notable records to date include May It Last A Thousand Years (a hybridization of black spiritualist gospel and the national socialist fanfare of Nazi propoganda films) and his controversial Peace Treaty (entirely dialogue driven sound pieces that cleverly edits speeches/lectures so that the speakers, often of opposing idealogical/political stances, sound like they are agreeing with one another)

    Next one; Ambulance Mothership

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    • 20 apr 2012, 14:37
    Ambulance Mothership

    Swedish band formed in 1994 as a duo, Ambulance Mothership became famous with their '97 hit song "Mayday", in which pop sensibilities, fashionable electronic sounds and hip-hop elements combined into a radio hit of worldwide fame. The band faded into obscurity in the late 90s and early 2000s having failed to release a follow-up album, but in 2003 the band reestablished its status in pop music, although settling for far lesser popularity, as a rock five-piece of two guitarists, drummer, bassist, and a keyboard player. The accessible electronic hip-hop pop style was ditched, but the frontman Andeas Johansson's signature vocal style and melody writing remained a stand-out element in the band's new rock incarnation. Especially the band's 2005 album "Emergency Supply Pod" has garnered critics' renown in media for the style of indie rock "delightfully combined with rock 'n roll aesthetic derived from 60s and 70s hard rock, and space rock sounds". Revolver magazine described their 2007 full-length "Of Propulsion And Anomalities" as "Hawkwind brought to the 21th century".

    Recondite Fire

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    • 23 apr 2012, 21:21
    Recondite Fire is a rip-off of Arcade Fire except instead of playing indie, they play extremely loud drone doom metal. They started off in the same town in Canada from the same large network of friends, but grew to hate the members of Arcade Fire due to musical difference. Like AF, they have 7 members, but the instruments are much different. RF has 6 guitarists, all of whom try to make as much staticy noise as possible. They also have a screamer, and the lyrics to most of the songs are lyrics from AF's songs sung backwards. They have been unable to get a record deal so far, but once in a while you can see them hustling people on the streets of Montréal to buy their cassettes that they record in a cave in one of Canada's national parks.

    Golden Cat Statue

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    • 24 apr 2012, 07:48
    Golden Cat Statue: Falling somewhere between the resonant melancholy Autechre's Vletrmx21 and Atrax Morgue's grim moog weirdness, Kimberly Huffman (aka Golden Cat Statue) thematically grounds her ambient/noise practice in an eclectic variety of Fortean subjects. She favors concept albums that have included records about Buddhist methods of mummification, transgender pagan gods, rumours of oversized invertebrates, Saudi Arabian sharia law 'science', mass faintings and hysteria, and many more things too numerous to mention here.

    She has said of her musical inspirations that "[...] early italian power electronics was all about death, sex and misanthropy/misogny, yet in a lot of ways because they are using all these crap old synthesizers some of it sounds really funny. It probably ties in with all of that countries history with really nasty horror films. Yet despite all of this I find the relative 'weakness' of these earlier bands more appealing than most of the more slick and professional sounding heavy electronics acts today. I heard some material by Gnaw Their Tongues and Burial Hex recently and it just bored me to death. When I listen to music I need there to be a sense of the musicians hand, something these newer acts more often than not seem to be missing".

    Next one; Light Pink And Turquoise Space Frame

  • Light Pink And Turqoise Space Frame is a fictional band that performed several songs in the movie School of Rock part II : Expanded . In the movie , the band is a pop punk trio of Catherine McFlurry (bass + vocals) , Zack Mooneyham (guitar) , and Dean Winchester (drums) . They've only play 2 songs in that movie , and it's called Separation and Why The Fuck would a hunter play drums for my band?

    next name : St.12

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    • 2 maj 2012, 14:55
    Isn't there already some Malysian band called St.12?

    [a quick google confirms they are]

    St.12: Industrial action/rejectionist band who formed in the year 2011 in the grip of Malaysias outbreak of mass panic regarding demonic Orang-Minyak ("greasy men") said to be roaming their towns and cities to molest young women. They took on the name St.12 as a way of de-railing the commercial success of the pop-rock band of the same name, interrupting and parasitically feeding of any amount of web-presence and media-coverage they might have gained.

    Some journalist have compared the sound of their erratic and limited records as being like a seething and 'pent-up' version of The Haters, coupled alongside with the "horror electronics" mysticism of Burial Hex's Initiations only imbued with an almost fundamentalist cynical attitude. One can hardly fail to recognize vocalists Jegop Kudoripannugirathu's gargling bloody-throated utterances either.

    Often performing illegally and to unwilling and unsympathetic audiences, St.12 constantly berate their listeners and fellow countryfolk for their double standards regarding the rampant commercialization and globalization of their lands culture, whilst retaining old local superstitions despite their blatant adherance to Islamic law.

    Next name; Thinking Like A Mountain

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    • 8 maj 2012, 15:07
    Thinking Like A Mountain is a witch-house project by two of the band members of Psionic Lynxes, Rachel Rutherford and Sarah Kerrigan. The band name comes from the excessive number of △ characters in the band's logo:

    △ △
    △ △ △
    △ △ △ △

    They were later joined by Julia Fractal and Mandy L. Brot, immediately before releasing their first official album. It was recorded in their production studio in Bletchley, a real witch's house, discovered fifty metres below the grounds of TNMOC. Their specialist sounds were sampled from the earth "whistler" currents obtained by putting two copper rods in the ground some distance apart; they also inadvertently got some inside info on alien activity but were unable to release it due to an imposed NDA.

    Using a bank of Atari 1040 STE's as MIDI controllers, and their usual psychokinetic interfaces, they released maybe the world's first auto-poly-morphing album -- a CD that is different everytime you play it, because it has sixteen parallel grooves which skip at random between each other during replay.

    No further information was available at this time, due to other online commitments.

    Next name: 1,000,000 Scrobbles and a Spare Patch Lead

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