How you figure out yourself you are gay / lesbian?

  • Just always been attracted to girls since I was like 10. There's never been any doubt. Always been completely girl

  • I discovered that i'm gay with 12. I knew that i had "strange" fellings for boys but did not know a name of it. Then i discovered that i was homossexual, gay. i discovered the word. With 16 i get out of the closet to my family and to the world. It was very very difficult, but now it is okay, my family loves me and acept me as i am.

  • I am girl and I am not lesbian. I am BISEXUAL... I really like girls but I also like men who looks like girls. I think girls are more hotter than men... I have very weird/strange feeling toward girls like I have never felt before. I am attracted to girls but guys are okay but I don't love them that much...

  • I grew up in a rather conservative community, and had no clue what being gay was about, except that this community thought of gay people as unacceptable. It was only in my early college years I realized from all my awkward experiences and my covert reading that I am gay, and since then, have been on my journey of finding my life as a gay man. :-)

  • Actually... The story of how I found out I was gay kind of surprises people.

    ^^ My mother told me. When I was in the car with her and my dad, she turned to me and just blurted out "are you gay?". I remember I was looking out of the window and singing along to the radio and about died!

    Then she went on to tell me she was convinced I was and that it was okay if I was, "so are you?"

    At the time I couldn't tell her yes or no because I wasn't too sure WHAT I was at the time. But seems she called it first! While I do say that I'm gay, strictly speaking I'm asexual. ^^ But I like girls. I have a girlfriend who I love to bits~ ^^ And my mum has the worlds best gay-dar!

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  • It took some time for me because of many years of denial in which it would come to mind that it all meant nothing because my sexuality was never in question for the longest time. In the end, it doesn't make much sense to me why it was never questioned at all until puberty hit. It explained all of my effeminate behavior as a small child and the fact that there was really no emotional attraction to any girl despite all the forced-not-feigned "crushes" up until the age of thirteen when puberty showed me that boys were much, much better and that there could be no substitute. XP

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    I knew from an early age that I was different and I was about 7 when I first had a major crush on another boy, and that's also the age when I got quite aware that I was gay...

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  • when this one guys at my school showed me his cock ;D

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    lol this is hilarious! i can't actually remember how i figured it out, but i remember in primary i used to watch Queer Eye For The Straight Guy and i used to remember hearing them using terms like gay and queer, etc. and being totally confused!

  • At 13 I noticed all my boys wuz running after females, I wasn't. Being the smart mofo I am, I put 2 & 2 together and realized and accepted it at 14.

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