Furries Are the New Hippies

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We are the spirit guides, were are the totems, and we are the walrus! ...or foxes, cats, dogs, snow leopards etc. Here is a place to discuss the similarities and differences of hippies and furries....

We are the spirit guides, were are the totems, and we are the walrus! ...or foxes, cats, dogs, snow leopards etc.

What is a hippie? Read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hippie

What is a furry? Read: http://www.perrirhoades.furtopia.org/Furry.html

Lets face it. Like the Hippies, goths, and beatniks who came before them, or long after them according to some, furries are a subculture of growing relevance. They love music and art. They have counter culture ideas, that are often criticized. They are even affecting modern mass media (Avatar, Fantastic Mr. Fox). Before you know it, every small town is gonna have at least one. I am beginning to realize that they might be the re-incarnation of the hippies.

They are environmentally concerned people, of a generally liberal nature. They host Pagans, Christians, Hindus, and a plethora of other religious movements. They have both movements working toward modesty, and toward sexual revolution. They are tolerant of all races almost unanimously. They are incredibly supportive of the LGBT community. They take interest in native and aboriginal cultures. They have occasionally been know to enjoy some grass, catnip, anise, and acid in some cases. They are very creative, making art, costumes, and their own specially tailored music. They also seem to want something very important to the hippies, peace.

I'm not saying go out and buy a fursuit. I'm saying get used to these people and try to enjoy them. They will be around for a while, and they already seem to be EVERYWHERE. They are cool, fun, and exciting people, albeit nerdy at times. If you can stand hippies, or enjoy what they did with the world, you may have some room in your heart for furries.


This is a group for hippies, furries, and people who know them, like them, or just find them interesting. Like, 2 billion people went to see a movie about anthropomorphic characters this year, (2009-2010) so I can imagine that entails a lot of people.

Here you can talk about how this new group is affecting our world culture, and learn about what lies beyond the stereotypes. Were all anthro (definition: human) so everyone must have something to talk about here.

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