• making music

    5 apr 2007, 02:49 av koolsilver

    so i'm in two bands, but both of them are coming dangerously close to extinction. nevertheless, we've done our best, and gotten some awesome recordings made while we had the chance. they sound pretty awesome, if i do say so myself.

    memphis band Scandaliz Vandalistz tried to record an album on our own in summber 2005 and, unsatisfied with the results, we redid it with help from our good friend snoel in summer 06, and then toured with him. it was marvelous and our album I Forgot Where I Was Going, So I Came Back pretty much is too. we're very proud of how it sounds and the places it's traveled to. touring was the perfect sendoff to being in such an amazing band. team sv, go go go!

    my band in new orleans, appropriately called TRASH TRASH TRASH has been playing shows now for about six months and already we feel we're on the verge of falling apart. pregnancy, overseas travel, and loss of motivation loom over our heads constantly. we managed to record our (Half an Album) before our complete demise, and you can now listen to all of the songs on this site, so please check it out and share it if you feel so inclined. fuck copyright laws.... just please tell us if you are covering a song, kthnx.

    check out these albums and let me know what you think!

    lub lub lub, alannanananana
  • Frank Black - Fast Man Raider Man

    21 jun 2006, 15:22 av hmf_x5

    First impressions: Fast Man Raider Man.

    I want to post my first impressions (after listening to 20 out of the 27 tracks -> yeah, I'll have to update this journal entry).
    The very first impression after listening to the first CD yesterday, was a bit of a disappointment: The record sounded very "more of the same-y" to me.
    Today I listened to the first CD and one half of the second CD: and now I think that "Fast Man Raider Man", will be a very popular record in my portable MP3-Players (by the way I am iRiver fan and use an old but great (!!) "H100 40GB" and an "IFP 895 512MB"), like Honeycomb was last summer.

    There are (roughly) two kinds of songs on the records. The first kind have a laid back soul/blues/southern rock feeling to them (for example: "Fast Man"). Nothing too experimental (now, that's an understatement !). Just great music. Then there are some (fortunately few) accoustic, more Country oriented songs like "Raider Man".

    So, I guess now the score is "Fast Man 1:0 Raider Man" ;).

    At the moment I could't really say, which tracks I like best but "Fast man", "Johnny Barleycorn" and "Dog Sleep" are some of the titles that I liked very much. So, I'll update my impressions, when I've listened to the rest of the album...

    Just two words: "Too long" - no, make it three: "Way too long". That's my impression after listening through all of the 27 tracks. The songs tend to blurr together quite a bit, when you listen to the whole 2 CDs, which really is a shame, because on CD 2 there are really great songs too: "Down to you", "Kiss my ring", "Elijah", "The real El Ray" and more. Listening to each of the CDs separately is definitely a better experience for me. But still, unfortunately there seem to be quite a few fillers on both CDs (more on the second CD) and I really, really don't like the last 4 songs on CD 2 (which really diminishes the whole experience).
    At the moment I would give "Fast Man Raider Man" a solid 7 out of 10.
    So, it's not the perfect album, but I just can't understand the overly harsh criticism:
    - 2,5 out of 5 in this month's issue of the Musikexpress
    - 47 out of 100 on (
    That's not only not fair, that's really ridiculous...
  • Frank Black Podcast

    14 feb 2006, 20:50 av Llamadance

    The fine people over at have released their first Frank Black podcast.

    You can get the XML file here

    About the podcast from

    The goal of the Frank Black.Net Podcast is to provide dedicated fans and new listeners alike with some of the best works of Frank Black, whether that comes from his time with the Pixies, solo, or with Frank Black and the Catholics. Live, b-sides, album tracks, unreleased gems, and other goodies can all be found here, free and legal, courtesy of Frank Black, Back Porch, and FrankBlack.Net. So come and see what you've been missing.

    enjoy :)