• Honeycomb

    Has anyone else bought this yet? It's funny that there's very few people who've joined both the Frank Black and the Frank Black and the Catholics groups.

    Anyway, Honeycomb came out yesterday, and it's being billed as FB's Nashville album. A bit of a departure obviously, but glorious nonetheless.

    What do you think of it?

    • bgod sa...
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    • 18 aug 2005, 23:40


    I love it. Best track IMO is I Burn Today. But I also dig Atom In My Heart a lot. I think I read that he is working on a similar follow up in Nashville due in early '06.

    EDIT: Here's a link to the article I read http://billboardradiomonitor.com/radiomonitor/news/format/rock/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1000965766

    One man he resist.

    Redigerad av bgod den 18 aug 2005, 23:46
  • Yeah, that's correct. Apparently he had two albums of songs, so Honeycomb is the first installment.

    I also enjoyed it, a nice departure from his previous solo and Pixies work.

    Some of the better songs on the album: Selkie Bride, I Burn Today, Honeycomb and my personal favourite, My Life Is In Storage.

    Don't you hate pants?
    • bgod sa...
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    • 17 jan 2006, 17:37
    My Life Is In Storage really grew on my after a bunch of listens.

    One man he resist.

  • I suppose I'm in the minority of people who disliked this, then?
    Not that it was horrible. By no means. Just left me scratching my head. Yeah, it's a departure. But why? Oh well, I guess we all have to move on from songs about incest and UFOs at some point.

    "Only sick music makes money today"
    - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche.
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