whats with the artist connections?

  • whats with the artist connections?

    radiohead and the cinematic orchestra? how strange! surely fridge and Adem would be better suited? we shall see...

  • What's With the Artists Connections

    Radiohead and Cinematic Orchestra are on there because they've remixed Four Tet tracks, or vice-versa. I'll add Fridge and Adem though. Any other suggestions anybody?

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    hi :)
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  • Four Tet supported Radiohead on their 2003 European tour. I think that's how a lot of people who wouldn't otherwise listen to electronica were introduced to Four Tet.

  • Madvilliany
    He did some remixes of his junk.

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    • 2 aug 2006, 10:04
    Rothko and Hella are in connections with Four Tet too..

  • Boom Bip, Bloc Party, Jamie Lidell

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    • 15 jun 2007, 08:27
    i think mad villian is cool

  • Other than what's already been said, FT has remixed:
    Aphex Twin, Badly Drawn Boy, Beth Orton, Bussetti, David Holmes, the Doves, Imogen Heap, James Yorkston & the Athletes, Kings of Convenience, Lars Horntveth, MF Doom, The Notwist, Regular Fries, Sia, Slag Boom Van Loon, Two Banks of Four

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