T-Mobile and the magenta debate

  • T-Mobile and the magenta debate

    here's a site i'd recommend :)


    I know not music related but if t-mobile are going to invade our space.

  • Haha... Nice ;)

  • Heh. Good link :)

    It's an interesting debate. So many corporate logos are red and blue that no one bothers to argue about "ownership" of those colors but with something a little different like magenta, there's less competition. Off the top my head the only other companies I can think of that make as extensive use of magenta as T-mobile are lastminute.com and the London cafe chain Apostrophe.

    This discussion reminds me of the Neal Stephenson book Snowcrash. It is one of the first books in what later came to be defined as the cyber-punk genre and includes a rather prescient vision of a Second Life style internet. Throughout the book Stephenson writes about logos and colors and how the colors have evolved to have socio-economic meaning: From chapter 18 "Cheap, nasty franchises all tend to adopt logos with a lot of bright, hideous yellow in them, and so Alameda Street is clearly marked out before him, a gout of radioactive urine ejected south from the dead center of LA. Jason aims himself right down the middle, ignoring lane markings and red lights, and puts the hammer down. Most of the franchises are yellow-logoed, wrong-side-of-the-tracks operations like Uptown, Narcolombia, Caymans Plus, Metazania, and The Clink." and from chapter 42 "Farther away from the central harbor district, Hiro can make out a few speckles of red, which is a little better than the yellow. He wishes he could see something in green or blue or purple, but there don't seem to be any neighborhoods done up in those gourmet colors.
    But then this isn't exactly a gourmet job."

    Also, forever ago Wired did a bit of infoporn on that plotted corporate logos on a color scale. I couldn't find a link to it but in searching for it, I came across this: http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/10.10/pantone.html

    Colors are an elemental part of life. I think that's why the magenta discussion has stirred up so much passion.

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