Hello everyone. Some things you may find cool.

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    • 1 jan 2006, 21:32

    Hello everyone. Some things you may find cool.

    I've been a member of Fireproof Tunes for a while since I saw the group in one of my neighbor's profiles (couldn't tell you who... it's been a while). Since I really enjoy a lot of the music you guys enjoy, I figured I'd share a few other things I like:

    First off is where I've met a whole lot of really encouraging friends and fellowship over the last few years:


    A lot of the members are into harder rock (thus the name GodCore), but many such as tehJadeness and I are nuts over not just metal but Five Iron Frenzy, Superchic[k], Switchfoot, etc. There's also a Godcore.com Last.fm group.

    The other place is another last.fm group started by a friend I met at Godcore.com called "Christian is not a genre." It bothers both of us that many people think all Christian music is the same: it's a type of message, not a genre of music. If you're frustrated by this common misconception, head on here:


    So where have you all found mad Jesusness over the internet?

    Jesus is awesome.
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