Which FeMC is your favourite one?

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    • 11 feb 2009, 11:27
    Nice list, but you got Eve twice on it haha
    I really couldnt do a list like that, it would be so hard to me to put my top 10 in order.

  • I want Lil' Kim to release something worth listening too! The Vintage Mixtape is horendous! She's one of my faves, but her recent music has gone down hill. Queen Bitch is still one of my top rap tracks of all time :D

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    • 11 feb 2009, 22:31
    That mixtape was really disappointing, i already had all the songs, nothing new i think.
    But think that Vintage is really coming up :D
    I hope she doesnt stay much time in that Dancing With The Stars...

  • Hahaha. I'd be really surprised if she can dance, shes never really done it in any music videos, so I don't think she'll be very good !

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    • 14 feb 2009, 20:56
    She dances in How Many Licks and No Matter What People Say, so far i remember. Okay, any difficult coreographies, i guess itll be fun watching her dancing vals or smth like that xD

  • I really like Foxy Brown, Khia, Rasheeda, Trina and M.I.A.

    • Nolee79 sa...
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    • 4 jul 2009, 18:25
    My ship went down in a sea of sound, when I woke up alone, I had everything.
    • SyntaxE sa...
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    • 4 aug 2009, 10:22
    Foxy Brown and Chyna Whyte!!!!!

    • DLoCo1 sa...
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    • 22 aug 2009, 15:08
    i like many femal mcs but @ the moment it's Arianna Puello she is amazing luv her <3 :)

  • Why has NO ONE mentioned Jean Grae or MC Lyte!?!?!?

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    • 2 nov 2009, 03:45
    I've just really gotten into hip hop, but I'm into alot of alternative and experimental rap styles, not the regular stuff.
    My top favorites are Peaches, M.I.A., Lady Sovereign, Amanda Blank, and Princess Superstar. I'm really into MCs that add humor or dance to their style.
    I have a open mind as far as music goes, though, so I'm going to bookmark this list and check out every artist on this list, because I'm totally interested in hearing more female rappers.

  • No1 mentioned Dessa... And barely anyone said Jean Grae. This group needs to be schooled.

    in·teg·ri·ty (n-tgr-t)
    1. Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.
    2. The state of being unimpaired; soundness.
    3. The quality or condition of being whole or undivided; completeness.
  • Update

    Hey, I repped Jean Grae hard (it was in all caps and bold letters at the top of my thread), so Darkman & LostCauze, U should check all the responses, LOL. Anyway, I like Nicki Minaj, now that I've heard her spit enough, even though her shit is kinda dumbed down for the new generation. Eve was a beast too, I totally forgot to mention her, but she's top 3 favorite FeMC's for me, right now.

    *~*Quack-La-Familia*~* . . . GET FAMILIAR!!!
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    • 19 apr 2010, 10:58
    1. Foxy Brown
    2. Lauryn Hill
    3. Lil Kim
    4. Jacki-O
    5. Charli Baltimore
    6. Amil
    7. Ms. Jade
    8. Eve
    9. Shawnna
    10. Missy Elliott
    11. Nicki Minaj

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    • 23 maj 2010, 22:54
    1.Lil Kim
    2.Foxy Brown
    3.Lauryn Hill
    5.Gangsta Boo
    7.Nicki Minaj
    8.Gloria Velez
    9.Nicki Minaj
    10.Charli Baltimore

    • Brendos_ sa...
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    • 14 aug 2010, 15:16
    1. Bahamadia
    2. Lauryn Hill
    3. MC Lyte
    4. Foxy Brown
    5. Lil Kim

  • Old school: MC Lyte
    All time fave: Lauryn Hill
    Modern day fave: Mae Day. I love Remy, Diamond, Shawnna and all them, but Mae Day straight shits on their flows.

  • #1 Lil Kim (Hard Core > The Notorious KIM >> The Naked Truth >>>>>> La Bella Mafia)
    #2 Missy Elliott (Supa Dupa Fly, Da Real World, Miss E... So Elliott >>>>)
    #3 Foxy Brown
    #4 Trina
    #5 Nicki Minaj (Beam Me Up Scotty >>>> her other mixtapes >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Shit Friday)

    Lauryn Hill (I dont consider as a 100% rapper and I prefer her soul side but dont get me wrong I love her more than Foxy Brown)

    I also really like Ms. Roq in the 2001 album by Dr. Dre. Shawnnas cool too. Da Brats cool too.

  • 1. Lauryn Hill
    2. Shawnna

    That's as far as I can go before it gets hard to determine rank of popularity for me. xP

  • My top FeMCs

    I think that any list would have to start and end with Missy Elliott. I've been her fan since '97 seeing her crazy videos on MTV Mexico. I bought Supa Dupa Fly and have bought every single one of her albums since then on the day that it came out. She is the ultimate artist.

    Nowadays there are a lot of feMCs that don't get a lot of hype but I'm not sure why because they're rad. Like Audra The Rapper and Dai Burger. Check em out!!!

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