Which FeMC is your favourite one?

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    • 21 sep 2007, 21:03

    Which FeMC is your favourite one?

    So, that's the question: Which FeMC do you like most?
    My favourite one is Missy Elliot undoubtedly, because her experience, her success, her rap skills and her originality. Lil Kim, Foxy Brown and Eve, from the late 90s are also very good ones. Yo-Yo, Queen Latifah and Mc Lyte are for me the ones who really paved the way for the others, and from the "last generation" my favourite one is Remy Ma, she really got the best female flow ever.
    What do you think?


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    • 22 sep 2007, 12:45
    Missy Elliott, next Lil' Kim or Eve, and next Trina, Rasheeda, Rah Digga, abd mooooore!

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    • 1 sep 2008, 11:35
    I couldn't really choose.
    First you got really skilled MCs like MC Lyte, Queen Latifah or Lady Of Rage in the late 80s and early 90s, which MC skills were really strong, but failed to gain attention or make really surprising music.
    Then you got the middle 90s generation with Missy, Brat, Lil Kim and Foxy, which were good MCs and got a different vibe and new attitude, they were the first ones to have real commercial success.
    From year 99 onwards, there are Trina and Eve, which gained respect and were commercially succesful, but soon entered music's crisis.
    Most recent ones, like Remy Ma (which is a very very strongly skilled MC) have gained some attention, but didnt have a strong impact.
    Lil Mama, Kid Sister and some other new talents could be a hope for female hip hop.

    Answering to the topic's question
    I couldn't choose xD

  • lil kim, khia, chyna whyte, lauryn hill.

  • Kim was really my first ever taste of rap music, I remember playing through The Notorious K.I.M & hating it, but I got into her music more when she released 'Lighters Up'. So I'd probably say shes one of my top FeMCs.
    Shawnna is another. I think she has so much more potential than a lot of artists at the moment, shes got the rapid fire delivery & the distinctive voice, I also think her songs are much more catchy than other females at the moment.
    I like Foxy, but her attitude in the media does know good for the reputation of HipHop music, Remy Ma is even worse.

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    • 2 sep 2008, 11:09
    CarlDowling said:
    I like Foxy, but her attitude in the media does know good for the reputation of HipHop music, Remy Ma is even worse.

    Its not fair.
    Female rappers succes has always been more influenced by media than male rappers'
    Its sadly true :(

  • Khia is my girl! She is skilled , her voice is great but I know her attitute and personality is hmm different . I mean I love her, she is great 4 da fans but when it comes to other artists u all know what happens. Nicky2States and Byata (of Ms Rap Supreme) told me they didn't show Khia's different side on da show, they deleted looooooooots . Nicky said Khia is soooo nice and helpful! She doesn't always rap bout pussy. She has personal tracks like You my girl etc Her Thug Misses album is really amazing. The same with Nasti Muzik (this time it's all bout sex looool). lol I also really like and respect Rasheeda, Foxy, and Kim. I think Jacki-O is a nice person but she has no skills! Trina's voice changed, I used to like her style but now I can't stand her voice ( Phone Sexx and Single Again are the only SDB songs I kinda like)

    This... This.... This is dedicated to....

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  • People people people!

    Jean Grae
    Ladybug Mecca
    Lauryn Hill

  • For me Trina, Shawnna, Lil'Kim, Rasheeda and Remy Ma but I like others too:)

  • never heard of Lady Sovereign in the States? She IS the shit

  • Lady Sovereign it's good, just like MIssy and Truth Hurts...

  • Is Lady Sovereign still around?
    I haven't seen her on TV or anything for ages
    I totally forgot about her, until now :D


    jusblaze575 was right for saying "People people people!" Jean Grae is the best female MC ever, hands down . . . Lauryn Hill is ill too, and Queen Latifah was a beast. Remy is impressive at times but much too inconsistent for me . . . Rah Digga is one of my favorites even though her skills aren't always up to par with Shawnna or even the (formerly) very FAP worthy Lil' Kim. Foxy Brown is just sooooo hot too, still, BUT I was never a fan of her rapping, really. She's just aighttttt . . . Kim's verse from "All About the Benjamins" is a 90's gem though.

    *~*Quack-La-Familia*~* . . . GET FAMILIAR!!!
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    • 3 okt 2008, 11:55
    @ Carl Dowling: Lady Sovereign was suposed to drop new album this spring (thats what her myspace said)...but were already in October and...nothing has been dropped. No idea of what happened.

  • Jean Grae
    Remy Ma
    Masfit (Of Everlastin Drama)
    Gangsta Boo
    Diamond (Of Crime Mob)
    Boss Bytch

  • Hard to choose but probably Missy for me, and M.I.A.. I also listen to a lot of Asian feMCs, and out of those I would pick Tigarah, CICO from BENNIE K, and (Hime).

    Edit: La Mala has really climbed up my list, she is great.

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  • So hard to choose... I have the most plays of Mala Rodríguez and Estelle. They rap with such femininity its beautiful.

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    • 24 nov 2008, 23:20
    pinedasgal said:
    So hard to choose... I ahev the most plays of Mala Rodríguez and Estelle. They rap with such femininity its beautiful.

    Glad you know and like Mala :)
    Shes the best femc in Spain in my oppinion ^^

  • Is she huge in spain or just as underground as she is in the US? I love Mala, too bad I don't speak a lick of Spanish.

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    • 26 nov 2008, 23:01
    pinedasgal said:
    Is she huge in spain or just as underground as she is in the US? I love Mala, too bad I don't speak a lick of Spanish.

    Well...any hip hop artist is HUGE in Spain, but theyre more popular each time
    Shes one of the rappers that sells the most, at least her two first albums have gone gold (something rare for a spanish rapper)
    But well, you got the feminity that resides in her music :)
    Did you know shes featured in an official remix of Akon's Locked Up?

  • I love old school - Roxanne Shante, Precious, Real Roxanne, JJ Fad and my all time fave - L'Trimm! Sure, they were kitchy, but they sounded real. Love Lady Tigra's new stuff too! And other faves are Princess Superstar, Peaches (yes, she's a rapper!), Foxy Brown, Khia, Lady Sovereign, Jacki-O, Bahamadia and Salt N Pepa.

    It's a once in a lifetime feeling that returns every week!
  • I love my female mc's XXX!! Khia and the godmother of all dirty female rappers...CHOICE!!!!!

  • Foxy Brown <3333333 :]
    Gangsta boo

    my top 3

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    • 10 feb 2009, 23:17
    1. Missy
    2. Lil Mama
    3. Eve
    4. M.I.A.
    5. Remy Ma
    6. Eve
    7. Lil Kim
    8. Trina
    9. Foxy Brown

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