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    • 4 okt 2007, 09:19


    Whats your opinion on it?

    For me, its the best, or at least most addictive, album of the year. Considering the quality music released so far this year, (Anberlin, John Reuben, Toby, Soul P.) thats saying something. Then again, I'd expect nothing less than the best from these guys.

    Every song is consistently great, and in some ways, a few are quite haunting. If there is a low point to the album, its just from a personal standpoint. "Maps" is a great song, but its just not my style. Like I said, though, its still really good, especially in the lyrics department.

    Anyways, I dare say that as soon as the clock hit 12:01 AM on Oct. 3rd... I was already hyped for album number four. (Not counting "Exit<Lights" as it was just a remix album.)

    Anyways, I rambled too much. Your thoughts?

  • Best FU album yet.

    I believe it's their best album yet. What it does is combine the best qualities of "Crashings" and "Dawn Escapes" and unifies it into one album. You have catchy guitar riffs mixed with ambient synths and keyboard effects, it's all great. The lyrics are also a lot better then on previous projects, very poetic. And I have to agree that while all 12 songs are solid "Maps" is the album's low point and the only song that does not fit in with the rest of the album sonically. But overall this album is plain awsome.

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    • 19 okt 2007, 07:59

    I have to agree.

    "Maps", while a good song, lyrically, just doesn't mesh very well with the rest of the album. In a way, neither does "Murexa", although it has a very cool title, for sure.

    I'm still having trouble picking a favorite from this album, though. The last three were easier for me to pick an early favorite from, but with this one, its kind of impossible. All of the tracks, aside from the two stated above, are solid. And even those two are still great, even with the not-so-good-meshing.

    I guess thats why Falling Up (I absolutely refuse to abbreviate their name! Haha!) is so amazing. Even their worst songs are at least good.

    They deserve to be insanely famous, but I'm glad they aren't. That just makes em better, in my opinion.

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