Favourite Other Club ?

  • Favourite Other Club ?

    Seeing as I'm in a mood for reminiscing, what was your favorite other club/night out and why?

    Mine was Quadrant Park in Liverpool. It had an untouchable atmosphere for a brief period and sadly like all the best places started to decay when the wrong sorts latched on.

    Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez, known as 'the rat'.
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    • 18 aug 2007, 20:57
    Crazy club memories from Manchester days...... Reggae night at Band on the Wall, charging around to "Touch Me I'm Sick" at The Banshee, student raving to "The Only Way Is Up" at The Academy, "Size of a Cow" to the Wonderstuff the bouncy floor at The Ritz, and some of the great gigs and nights down at "International 1", specially the On-U Sound nights with Tackhead, Gary Clail and Adrian Sherwood and the Barmy Army, "Sharp As A Needle".

  • Had to be Konspiracy. Listening to the Jam MC's dropping the likes of Landlord - I like it (dub) and crazy fools firing guns into the ceiling. Always an eventful night to be had!!

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