The best Experimental Rock Bands or projects.

  • The best Experimental Rock Bands or projects.

    Tell us about your best experimental rock bands or projects?

    Behtarin Bnadhaye Experimental Az Didgahe Shoma?

    My Vote for:

    1- Xiu Xiu

    2- Sopor Aterneus & the Ensemble of Shadows

    3- The mars volta

    4- David Bowie

    5- Tool ( For The Lyrical Terms)

    Hospital Minds
  • man fek nemikonam betoonam be chizi ray bedam chon asan nemitoonam begam che gorohi experience behtari anjam dade...!!!
    va inke experemental koja az avantgarde joda mishe!!!

    so i would just say some names:


    Devil Doll



    Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band


    fek konam to har fazayi ye band gofte basham :D

    I Am The Dog who walks by Himself
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  • 'experimental' and 'rock' are questionable terms but i'll try

    the mars volta - the first band in my personal history that i despised intensely before falling in love with over and over and over again. DELOUSED. need i say more?

    xiu xiu - i didn't really get them until i saw them live. jamie sweating to death to 'sad pony guerrilla girl' is a moment in itself, but to range from screams to whispers, to beautify incestuous cannibalism take tremendous skill and courage. following the ever changing lineup of the band and hearing the evolution of sound throughout their career has been wonderful and surprising [tho they'll never release another 'la foret' cry cry] and i never once felt as if they've 'sold out'

    lou reed [for his metal machine music] - just listened to this for the first time and while i must say I DON'T GET IT i can only hope to appreciate its....whatever it it seems to have stood the test of time. mmm is as valid today as it was in 1975 [date?]

    this song is a mess but so am i / former ghosts - 3 years later and the 'satan be here' sessions still give me shivers. oh and freddy ruppert.

    spider and the flies - with only a few recordings, tomethy furse and spider webb have taken their horrors' attitudes to a whole new level - now with more synths!

    swans / michael gira - here is where i start to confuse 'experimental' with 'progressive'? whatever, i have a soft spot for gira.

    :: trying not to cry, the evolution will be sequinized ::
  • I really like weird, novel, experimental bands. The less they adhere to conventional rock structures, the better. Here are some of my favorite experimental projects of all time.

    Do Make Say Think -- Beautiful, ethereal, dark & smoky sounds & highly dynamic post-rock instrumentals.

    cLOUDDEAD -- Abstract hip-hop for the true experimental lover. Anticon artists in general are experimental and worth checking out.

    Olivia Tremor Control -- Psychedelic indie pop and tape loops. One of the more underrated bands from the Elephant Six collective.

    Agitation Free -- Not just another Krautrock band.

    The Books -- Confusing sample music, with handsome compositions and variety of sound.

    Do Pavement and Modest Mouse count??

    Hope this helps.

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