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Skapad den: 22 maj 2008
freaking, peaking, exploding
No fuckfaces.

"Like God, but even Godder." - Shy-Guy
"This is the beginning of the Age of Sincerity. People need to stop being so ironic." - schoenburger
"Soon all great conversations will happen within the confines of last.fm" - gonchoriffic
"I hate when mods ban users that are an integral part of last.fm culture." - StarCoreA
"It's hard to give a shit these days." - Lou Reed
"So fake." - A Valued Member of the Last.fm Community

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  • max8455

    Listening to This Will Destroy You - Another Language. I don't know what kind of music it is. Sounds like Do Make Say Think or Mogwai. It's good so far, I have it on kind of loud but my dog is asleep through it. Not scribbling currently. I wish it wasn't so hard to do, or add them manually somehow.

    17 aug 03:12 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    so I got a little super into listening to that Elysia Crampton and had to write about it. why it feels so fresh and brilliant to me. also the full thing is streaming from soundcloud here so https://optimisticunderground.wordpress.com/2015/08/15/elysia-crampton-american-drift/ I mean, check it if you want to hear something new today :) ..I'm finally going outdoors now

    15 aug 18:53 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    What's everyone listening to this weekend? this saturday morning, it's been Elysia Crampton and some artist named Kadahn... who has exactly zero information on lastfm

    15 aug 15:14 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    The thing that shuts me right up is remembering that these are real people who are ostensibly adults with jobs and children and influence in their communities and all of that. We haven't come far from the dark ages.

    14 aug 16:35 Svara
  • DecomposingTree

    i retweeted that the other day and forgot about it and just watched it again and its still just as crazy

    14 aug 15:47 Svara
  • garynotrashcoug

    I've spent the past five minutes trying to come up with a clever remark about that video. I've got nothing. I'm literally speechless.

    14 aug 05:19 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    I shared that at work and people were laughing their asses off. I had to reassure them that it was not satire lol

    14 aug 02:07 Svara
  • aquajitsu

    https://twitter.com/aurosan/status/631200732788690944/video/1 is this a joke

    13 aug 18:48 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    here https://play.spotify.com/album/6pArfwsBoFXoIcjNdmmfjN if anyone's interested. sounds to me like ambient synth drone crossed with footwork, and it's really repeatable

    13 aug 16:32 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    anyone else listened to this new Elysia Crampton album? being highlighted on TMT really caught my attention, even if the review was their typical "MFA student looking to pad resume" levels of bullshit.

    13 aug 16:30 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    after one listen, I've got to say that Compton is leagues better than I expected. Honestly, I hadn't been holding out hope for a new Dre album in well over a decade so it's a nice surprise that it's actually listenable and fun, and even short compared to his other albums!

    12 aug 16:06 Svara
  • TehSpiral

    Compton was aight. Genocide is the fucking jam though.

    12 aug 12:21 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    looks like it's got some Chris Marker...

    11 aug 15:59 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    oh nice, thanks for the CFCF links Sam!

    11 aug 15:59 Svara
  • calsimon

    a lot of kendrick on Compton. I would link to Loose Cannons for the beat but cant find it online

    11 aug 11:00 Svara
  • post-wizardry

    Surprised when Hurfyd turned out to have a butw mix.

    11 aug 01:17 Svara
  • iacus123

    I'm pretty sure I've linked butw before but if not, there's a bunch of really good mixes in the archive

    10 aug 23:36 Svara
  • iacus123

    Btw, a mix of unreleased cfcf stuff here http://blowinguptheworkshop.com/project/cfcf

    10 aug 23:35 Svara
  • FutureAnthems

    It's actually not bad.

    10 aug 22:42 Svara
  • tylerstravis

    Anyone listen to the new Dre album? I'm curious what a billion can buy.

    10 aug 21:14 Svara
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