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Welcome Enjoy Your Stay
Real Life
Truth of the World
Underground (Greatests Hits) OUT IN MARCH.

The Hume Brothers Fan group...

Here are dates where members are going :)

July 25th
Evermore HiFi Bar and Ballroom, Melbourne, Australia

What happens when dreams become real life?

Dreams [2004] | Real Life [2006] | Truth Of The World (Welcome To The Show)[2009]|

The three Hume brothers of Evermore have come a long way since the release of their debut album Dreams. With over 300 live shows, an MTV Award, a NZ Music Award, the APRA Silver Scroll, five ARIA nominations, and hung a platinum record plaque on the wall of their home studio. It’s a far cry from their humble beginnings in rural New Zealand, and it all culminates in their new album, Real Life.

The writing and initial recording took place in the isolation of their Central Coast abode, an isolation the boys were not only used to, but actively encouraged. Separating into different rooms, they each had their own private recording studio in miniature, working on tracks solo before bringing them together for the Evermore polish.

After two months in the warm environs of the Australian summer they leapt into the freezing winter of inland Massachusetts, USA. Actually, the term freezing is an understatement, we’re talking temperatures of minus 25 degrees and below. Keeping true to their rural roots, they recorded in the oldest studio still operating in the US, Longview Farm. Artists such as Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and Aerosmith have all frozen their butts off there in the past. Respected engineer John Alagia (who mixed Dreams, and has worked with acts like John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band and Ben Folds) was chosen for the job for his twiddling tenacity and his striking good looks.

“I ended up doing a lot of the recording myself,” explains Jon, speaking of their time at the farm. “We liked working with John Alagia because he believes in letting the artist have freedom rather than forcing ideas on to you. Plus he’s a really funny guy. And when you’re in the studio for months on end your sense of humor goes a little haywire!”

Allowing themselves freedom was also high on the agenda, with the two younger Humes contributing to the songwriting a lot more heavily than on Dreams. “Instead of me writing almost everything, we suddenly had three writers coming up with a lot,” Jon says. “We could have made two albums simultaneously.”

“Dann wrote nearly a song a day,” echoes Peter. “He had over one hundred songs - which is insane! We definitely didn’t have a lack of songs.”

But perhaps the main difference between the two albums is in the songs themselves. From the epic energy of Running, the band’s first single off the album, to the melodic harmonies of Never Let You Go; from the dynamic rock of Unbreakable to the uplifting lyrics of Light Surrounding You, this second album has seen the band’s songwriting grow and diversify.

“Dreams was very atmospheric and mood-based,” explains Jon. “This one jumps out of the speakers at you. The songs are more positive and sonically, it’s more direct.”

“Its louder and more to the point,” agrees Dann. “We’re going to grab people’s attention, and leave them with something to think about.”

With the likes of the Beatles, David Bowie and Bob Dylan on high rotation throughout the recording process, their shift to a focus on song writing seems only natural. “We’ve taken so much inspiration from classic songs,” explains Pete. “We wanted to be sure all the tunes sounded great just played simply on a guitar, that way you know you have a great song.”

“We’re the kind of band that is going to change with every record,” adds Jon. “We will always sound like us, but we’ll utilise our strengths as three writers.”

A new journey has just begun for this talented trio, whose sounds and lyrics have taught us how to dream… Welcome to Real Life.

Here is a fan made video of the Vic Street Team...here is when us girls posted posters for their up coming tour....

Check out the new clip at the bottem of the page

Jon Hume [Lead Singer/Guitar]

Peter Hume [keys/bass]

Dann Hume [drums/guitar]

Can You Hear Me?

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