The competition in your country

  • The competition in your country

    I'm just a little curious how all countries choose their artist to present their country, since some songs are just pure shit to be honest.

    I can tell you about Sweden.
    We are a big eurovision country. This year 39 % of our population watched the ESC final.
    However. We have 4 semi finals, where 8 artists compete in each and 2 goes straight to the finals, and one get's a second chance in another semi final.
    So after these 5 semi finals we have 10 songs to vote for, and this year we choosed Loreen, who won :)

    So please tell me about your country.

    I'm that star up in the sky
    I'm that mountain peak up high

    I'm the world's greatest

    • splimp sa...
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    • 29 maj 2012, 10:21



    In the Netherlands it's pretty arbitrary... Usually the artists are selected by our broadcaster. In the past years this was not very successful. The channel doing the show is very conservative. Only this year, they started again allowing multiple artists, with each artist performing their own song.

    We didn't end up doing as well as we hoped, but oh well, I thought it was a fair and honest attempt :) I wonder what will happen next year.

    • Randwer sa...
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    • 29 maj 2012, 16:20
    In Germany the selection process is changing from time to time. Until 2008 we mostly had a single event with three or more songs to choose from per televoting.
    The results were between mediocre and disastrous.
    2009 a jury selected the entry Miss Kiss Bang Bang which was another failure.
    2010 we got a new selection process. "Unser Star für Oslo" had two qualifiers with 10 unknown talents each singing a cover song. Half of them advanced to the five elimination rounds, where they sung more cover songs. The two best singers went to the final, where they had to sing 3 new songs each.
    The song was selected first for each finalist and then the final decision had to be made, since there could only be one winner.
    Well, Lena was selected to perform Satellite in Oslo. With success, as we all know now, but never had expected after all the experiences from the past.

    The same procedure was used 2012 to send Roman Lob to Baku with Standing Still. We are quite happy with place 8 as outcome.

    2011 was special as there was only the choice of the song which Lena would sing in Düsseldorf. A rather nice way to present all the 12 songs from her fresh album live on TV. ;-)

    They don't trust us, why should we trust them, then?
    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 27 sep 2012, 23:38
    In Croatia the national contest is held by our national television. Artists send their songs and a jury of 5 - 6 people from the music business select 20 or so songs to compete in our national election called Dora which usually consisted of 2 semi finals and final evening.

    But, as our results at the Eurovision were more dissapointing since the early 2000's, last year (2011) they decided to change our national contest, Dora. They decided to first select the singer and anyone could apply (probably cause Germany won with Lena like that the year before and we have no original ideas as usual). There were a number of shows and everytime someone was voted off, until it was down to two. Then in one final evening we heard two versions of the three different songs and that's how we got our last year's song.. which was awful.

    This year the national television just decided on it's own (actually one person did..) to ask Nina Badric to perform.

    It was said that same procedure will be used next year, but one can never be too sure.

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