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    • 11 dec 2006, 19:46

    Electronic music not in English?

    Hi, I just created 2 new groups European Music In European Languages and Foreign Music (Non-English)

    If you like music in other languages you should join, but I was also wondering if someone on the forum could help me out with connections, tack/takk/tak/kiitos/danke/merci/gracias/etc :)

    (sorry if this is considered "spam", I don't know how last.fm groups feel about mentioning others...)

    P.S... in the group description... "modren"??? :P

    • jim_bomb sa...
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    • 31 dec 2006, 10:13
    Try Dreamlin from Belarus, it's in Russian. The sound is a bit between ambient and acid jazz, a bit like Red Snapper. I know I've promoted other bands from Belarus,on this forum: but I like to try the tag radios for different countries when I have free time and to be honest the stuff from Belarus, perhaps suprisingly, has been the stuff that's impressed me the most

    • cixxxj sa...
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    • 7 mar 2008, 10:56
    Give the new italian outfit Novoix a listen . Previews of their first album on their space Novoix's space

    ..: Play another sound :..
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