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    • 12 dec 2006, 20:35


    Seems a little late for this kind of thread, but I'll make one anyway since there isn't one.

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    • 12 dec 2006, 21:06
    I'll start.

    Name: Erik
    Age: 17
    Residence: Hudiksvall, Sweden

    Currently I'm in the last year of what would be high school for most of you guys.

    Now, why am I in this group?

    Europe was the first piece of music that I really appreciated and that I chose to listen to myself. I heard the song 'The Final Countdown' for the first time when I was 6 years old, and it had an enormous impact on me and Europe has been a big influence on my musical taste. When my dad bought me a copy of the TFC album, I was so happy I blushed :)

    I still remember how powerful a moment it was when I played it for the first time.

    After a few years I was no longer interested in the band, but when I heard of their reunion I had high hopes for the new album. However, I didn't even in my dreams dare to think it would be so goddamn awesome as it proved to be! With Start From the Dark, Europe had turned into a heavier, more mature hard rock band, much to my joy as my tastes had also evolved to appreciate heavier music (I probably would not have liked it very much if it had been as drenched in keyboards as TFC was).

    With all this said, you can probably understand I had pretty high hopes for Secret Society aswell. I wasn't disappointed. When I hold the new album I get the same kind of childish happiness as I do when I listen to their earlier records which brings back many nice memories. I can proudly and without hesitation say that Secret Society is my favourite Europe album.

    And that is why Europe is my favourite band of all time!

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