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While her friends picked out their prom dresses, Emii perfected her studio recordings. At every stolen moment, she wrote songs and took to the community theater stage like a second home. While in high school she couldn’t resist the lure of the big city, shuttling back and forth from Youngstown to NYC for auditions and open mic gigs. The dual life came to a halt the day Emii turned 18. She bolted to New York City and never looked back.

Emii found sanctuary in a string of bands, including Daydream on Autopilot, which enjoyed strong regional success. She racked up valuable hours writing, recording and “living the experience” of performing in venues and collaborating with fellow artists. “There are very few people who can completely dedicate their lives to music,” Emii says. “When you truly live for something, it is natural to be on the kind of path that I am on now.”

Despite Emii’s seemingly single-minded focus on music, she’s equally aware of a bigger picture. In the midst of her busy schedule, she finds time to volunteer, and perform for local students through several major organizations. Eventually, Emii would like to help create an organization with musicians and actors serving as positive role models for youth.

For now, though, she’s got her eyes on the prize: the opportunity to share her music with the world. “It’s fun to sing and write,” Emii says, “but if we just did it for ourselves, then we’d do it in a basement and no one would hear. I want to inspire as many people as I can.”


Ten Things About Emii

I mostly grew up in Youngstown, Ohio. New York City was my favorite place to live.

The glass is always half full for me.

When I need to chill out, I either curl up with a good book in a hot bubble bath, or play video games. The last video game I played was Assassin's Creed 2, and my two all-time favorite books are Enders Game by Orson Scott Card, and Otherland by Tad Williams.

There is NO auto-tune on any of my songs. There is NO auto-tune on any of my live performances. It bothers me when auto-tune is used to fool an audience into thinking someone can sing when they really can't.

Martial Arts has always been a big part of my life. I've taken several, but American Kenpo is my personal favorite. I'm currently training with Master Larry Tatum.

My favorite jobs were working in a comic book store in New York City, and in a photography studio in SoHo. I've also worked at a plastics factory, Sears, door-to-door sales, and doing phone surveys.

While growing up in Ohio, the community theater was my second home.

Singing runs in my family. My sister is an opera singer.

Somewhere out there is a video of my three-year-old self dancing and singing to a Paula Abdul song. If you find this video, please destroy it.

Music is in my soul and has been with me since I was born. I LIVE to perform, to sing, to write, to love, and to inspire.


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