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Skapad den: 11 jan 2007
If you are against a style of music cause you consider it to be not "musically sophisticated" enough or "not deep" enough etc, then this is the group for you.

What's the point of being an elitist on Last.fm when I now have a tumblr account? SOCIAL JUSTICE YEAH!!

Anyway this is Last.fm's longest running, proudest and best page dedicated to musical elitism there has ever been, or ever will be. If you don't believe me you're just not getting it, and need not apply.

So elitist in fact we outgrew the need to save face around the Proles, Serfs and Peasants and their Metallica and their Last.fm by maintaining this page like 3 years ago.

The Classiest Class:

Elitists Getting Hot For Political Commentators.
Elitists For The Creation Of A True Metal Race.

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