Do you prefer rock music, or are your tastes more electronic? Or do you like both…

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    • 16 maj 2010, 08:29

    Do you prefer rock music, or are your tastes more electronic? Or do you like both equally?

    I'd have to say that I like both in almost equal measures, but that wasn't always the case. The first band that I started listening to was Metallica, and for years I would mostly listen to metal. It wasn't until later that I began to notice the various synths and beats in electronic music. When I did, they immediately captured my interest, and I've had an insatiable appetite for ear candy and elaborate production since.

    I then expanded into industrial music and genre crossovers, so a mix of metal and electronic was the natural conclusion. I then learned about Celldweller, and it kind of snowballed from there. My tastes are certainly more electronic now, with some exceptions I can barely listen to straight up rock or metal these days.

    So, are you a metalhead who has expanded into more electronic stuff, a pop fan who dislikes heavy music unless it has some electronic aspect, or someone who has come to like both extremes? That only covers a very small percentage of possible tastes and influences of course, so let us know about them.

  • When I was younger I despised metal because hair bands were the representation of metal to me. I was very much into punk and industrial, true old school industrial with metal sounds and sticks and such. Along with metal I also despised any electronic synth sounds or music.

    Then, I heard New Order Substance and that was all she wrote. I bought a mixer and two turntables and have been hooked on electronic music since.

    I started noticing that Industrial music had an incredibly strong electronic edge and continued to embrace Industrial on the electronic side.

    I started listening to metal for the first time in the early 90s cause I realized that Death Metal and Black Metal was around and as far as I was concerned it was the best metal out there, especially Black Metal. The evil themes weren't my bag, that's for sure but the sinister organ/synth sounds that developed from Black Metal was for sure the kind of extreme I dug. UnBlack Metal was the perfect alternative.

    I noticed the hard edge that was happening with Industrial with bands like Ministry and Circle of Dust and appreciated what was happening there but by this time my ears were really soaking in all the techno and trance I could get my ears on.

    Then it came out. The album of all albums. Never before had a group ever put something out that satisfied my ears in such a way as the album Misguided by Argyle Park. Also, no one else had been able to pull off, or even tried as far as I know, such an amazing blend of , , , and . To this day it still sounds like a modern album, yet it is 15 years old. This to me was the perfect blend of metal and electronic and is the pioneer album for this sub-genre.

    I tend to lean more towards electronic, however, nothing beats Argyle Parks first and technically, only album.

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    • 22 aug 2010, 02:58
    I like electronic better in general but there are fewer big artists than in rock music.

  • I like how electronic can be a very useful tool to improve rock or metal, that simple.

  • When I was younger I heard a lot typical Metal like Rammstein and so on. After this Metal-life I found a lot Metalcore things andin The same year (maybe in 2008/09) I found Celldweller.
    I started to hear a lot of trance and techno compared of the styles of what celldweller do. Now i like to listen to Punk and Industrial very much and I love trance and techno and so on. And between this two genres is all the electronic-Rock with Blue Stahli, Celldweller, Subkulture and so on :3c

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    • 9 mar 2011, 11:00
    ProAlternative said:
    I like how electronic can be a very useful tool to improve rock or metal, that simple.

    100% agree! Just look at bands like Primal Scream, Garbage, The Gathering, Yeah Yeah Yeahs (their third album "It's Blitz!") or Kasabian (esp. their debut album).

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    • 26 jun 2011, 12:02
    I could write down my personal experience on how i found the Electronic music, starting off from Metal, but it is already described above. Was something like Rammstein -> Pain -> Celldweller.

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