The Bias of Last FM

  • The Bias of Last FM

    Is anyone else annoyed that in order for a song to be counted as "listened to" it must (in my case) play out for 30% of the track's duration. That means for a Radiohead song that goes for 4 minutes one need only listen to 2 minutes of it, whereas in this instance where I was listening to Part's Tabula Rasa, which goes for 24 or so minutes, I'd have to listen to 11 or so for it to even count, even if I only wished to hear the middle of the 2nd movement, which again wouldn't count because skipping through a track negates the listening of it.... Does it seem a bit one-sided in that 4 minute pop songs are counted more often than a 25 minute movement of a symphony, even though one might give more time to it... what do you think ?

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    • 14 feb 2006, 18:58
    I think that if you listen to 3 ou 4 minutes of anything (a Radiohead's short song or a Mahler's symphony), it will be counted as "listened to", but if you skip through a track, even if you listen to 20 minutes from the middle until the end of the symphony, it won't be counted. I think it's weird, anyway.

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