Musicle Modernism in relation to postmodernism

  • Musicle Modernism in relation to postmodernism


    Iv been listening to a few composers of the modern era for a while now, many of them from recomendations by this group actually.

    Im confused, correct me if im wrong....

    George Antheil - Modernist (not as complex as say Schonberg but still modernist)

    12 tone stuff - doing away with tonal hyerachi (def Modernist)

    The Futurists - A synphonie of industrial sounds (though I have had difficulty finding any such pieces its a very modernist idea)

    So... you say that modernist music ended in 1930, so why do people call Iannis Xenakis a modernist, I would say perhaps late modernism, after the war the enthusiasm of modernism tended to wither away, Iannis Xenakis seems to be avant garde for its own sake ?

    Its very frustrating.

    If I list some musicians and composers would someone tell me which side of the fence they fall and more importantly !why! some are classicle some are electronic or both....

    1. Schonberg and Berg

    2. George Antheil

    3. Iannis Xenakis

    4. Debussy

    5. Franco Casavola

    6. Earlyer John Cage (Williams mix 1952)
    Later John Cage

    7. Oskar Sala

    8. Pierre Schaeffer

    9. Finaly some kind of contempory experimental digital type like Peter Rehberg.

    Most apart from the last one are pre pop art. please help im stuck !


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