Help out a new dubstep listener

  • Help out a new dubstep listener

    Hi all,

    recently I starter listening to dubsteo. Started with Rusko and Skrillex. I liked Rusko. His music has dubstep motives, but Skrillex was amazing. Pure electro and dubstep. I loved it veeery much. So. I want to ask you - old dubstep listeners: can you recommend me artists like Skrillex, that plays pure bangy dubstep?

    Thank you so much

  • I accept this 100%, thnx

  • well, first of all, skrillex sucks. start with digital mystikz and then move to other artists like skream, benga and so on..

  • ^ nope. Skrillex is above all those Skreams, Bengas, etc
    @meloPhilly: try Excision's latest album

  • Zomboy, Barely Alive, SKisM, Kill the Noise, Excision, Datsik, Bare, Getter, SubVibe, Xilent, Eptic, Far Too Loud, Knife Party. Pretty much the standard armada.

  • Star Records

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