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Skapad den: 17 feb 2009
Users who like their chill out / ambient music with depth will enjoy this specifically tailored group for those snowy days or just for those relaxation sessions at home.

About Us

Associated words that resonate from this type of group:
.....Other words may come into focus, perhaps some of our members could come up with better terms. We will be glad to include these in .....

This group hopefully will be extended a bit more, with some help from others. Ambient music isn't always acknowledged with the bulk of society in general, and is an unknown genre, but this is always a welcome place to come and bury yourself into, if you are feeling down and out ... ...
Our Radio Stations
Members Radio Stations
I'm trying to find the best radio stations of our members.
I don't mean our group member radio station which represents the taste of all our members
but the radios of single users.If you know a user with particularly good taste
and therefore a very good user radio, then please give me a hint in the shoutbox.

You can find a list of the members here:

Our Group Member Radio Station:

Milla Ann by Æther
Everything Always Moving by Au4
Robur by Recondite
Vortex by Carbon Based Lifeforms
Pleen 1930s by Chris Clark ♥ guakanagary
Rain Not Stars by DoF
Mind Body Mind by Dunian
Forgotten Mornings by Epic45
Dragonfly Across An Ancient Sky by Helios ♥ themoonhowler
Light Through the Veins by Jon Hopkins
Mountain Lake by Vibrasphere

You can listen to the radio station that is playing the music of all members here:

If you want to listen to Multi-Tag Radio Stations with your last.fm client:

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Genre Tag Radio Stations List

We are looking for Dreamy Labels, Artists, Albums, Compilations, Tracks, Videos, Images, Similar Groups

If you know some good links to interesting and suitable sites (for example: the famous old site of BoC, fan sites like http://bocpages.org/ & http://www.twoism.org/) or lastfm playlists, mixes, radios station ... Post everything!

Our Recommendation Forum
Latest Artist Recommendations

36 (downtempo) ♥ hypnochicken
A Lily (idm ambient) ♥ Nebo_V_Symerkax
Alwoods (psychill) ♥ Stormsaber
Andrew Lahiff (space ambient) ♥ Shotiko
Antonymes (modern classical piano ambient) ♥ skinship
Grimes (dreampop) ♥ der666
Colleen (ambient) ♥ der666
Armand Amar (contemporary classical film composer) ♥ hypnochicken
Astropilot (psychill) ♥ Andriy_Purified
Atlantic At Pacific (lo-fi ambient) ♥ vivazwei
Aus (idm ambient) ♥ Jcotteri
Baromet (chillwave) ♥ Atknot
Birds of Passage (post-rock ambient) ♥ vivazwei
Bvdub (minimal dub) ♥ ska-cz
Cabeiri (psychill) ♥ Stormsaber
Candy Claws (dream pop) ♥ vivazwei
Carbon Based Lifeforms (chillout ambient) ♥ microlittle
Chronos (psychill) ♥ Andriy_Purified
cokiyu (japanese experimental ambient) ♥ Schnapples
Dark Patrick (celtic ethno folk) ♥ Andriy_Purified
Deru (atmospheric indietronica) ♥ Contagiomental
Die Jungen (lo-fi surf pop) ♥ vivazwei
Distant System (psychill) ♥ Stormsaber
Galerie Stratique (canadian chillout ambient) ♥ Atmospheric7T7
Grouper (drone ambient) ♥ vivazwei
Home Video (ambient) ♥ Xulija
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions (dream pop) ♥ Windlicht_ & der666
How to Dress Well (lo-fi experimental ambient) ♥ LablakelyDress
Icebreaker International (idm ambient) ♥ vivazwei
ISHQ (chillout) ♥ Foldplop
Jon Hopkins (atmospheric indietronica) ♥ Contagiomental
July Skies (post-rock ambient) ♥ vivazwei & saythesky
King Creosote & Jon Hopkins (folktronica) ♥ Nebo_V_Symerkax
Lights Out Asia (post- rock ambient) ♥ gollum234
Loscil (minimal drone ambient) ♥ Sandrob57
Lowercase Noises (post-rock) ♥ Ratxman
Ludovico Einaudi (contemporary classical piano) ♥ Nebo_V_Symerkax
Magical Mistakes (ambient) ♥ Chust
matryoshka (japanese post-rock) ♥ gollum234 & hanselda
Panabrite (psychedelic drone ambient) ♥ vivazwei
Pram (post-rock dream pop) ♥ Caboonha
Proton Kinoun (space ambient) ♥ Atmospheric7T7
Robot Koch (atmospheric indietronica) ♥ Contagiomental
Saafi Brothers (psychill) ♥ squezey
Saycet (idm ambient) ♥ Glasgow2049 & Nebo_V_Symerkax
Slow Dancing Society (instrumental post-rock ambient) ♥ hanselda, indestructible & ratxman
Slowdive (shoegaze) ♥ Gjirl & vivazwei
Still Blue Still Turning (dream pop ambient) ♥ Rogeranselmo
Stray Theories (chillout ambient) ♥ koliba92
The Gentleman Losers (instrumental post-rock ambient) ♥ vivazwei
The Green Kingdom (experimental glitch ambient) ♥ saythesky
Thom Brennan (space ambient) ♥ Atmospheric7T7
Two Bicycles (lo-fi folk ambient) ♥ vivazwei
Wild Safari (psychedelic lo-fi ambient) ♥ vivazwei
Wim Mertens (contemporary classical minimal) ♥ Kun-Kun
Grouper & Ilyas Ahmed (ambient) ♥ der666

Latest Album Recommendations:

Álfheimr's What Allows Us To Endure (post-rock) ♥ Oak37
A Lily's Wake:Sleep ♥ Nebo_V_Symerkax
Belong's Common Era (ambient) ♥ der666
Billinski, Breezewax & P.SUS' Solstice (winter music) ♥ red-green-blue
Biosphere's N-Plants (ambient) ♥ spreadblood4
BSBD's NOIR (instrumental hip-hop and trip-hop)
Bvdub's Resistance Is Beautiful ♥ Dreadstalker
Peaking Lights' 936 ♥ ???
Bvdub's Then ♥ Dreadstalker
Chandanam's Whispers Of The Silent Colors (ambient) ♥ Foldplop
Deaf Center's Pale Ravine ♥ Green_Eggg
Delta M45's Space Probe ♥ Mnemonic45
Dirk Geiger's Second Life ♥ Cat_007
Endless Endless Endless' Black Talisman ♥ Danielguerrav
Ersatz's IN (ambient) ♥ der666
Heather Woods Broderick's From The Ground ♥ joerko
High Skies' Sounds of Earth (chillout ambient) ♥ Atmospheric7t7
Home Video's No Certain Night or Morning (ambient) ♥ Xulija
Jogger's This Great Pressure (ambient) ♥ der666
Kwoon's Tales & Dreams (post-rock) ♥ PiedPaper
Marcus Fischer's Collected Dust ♥ tevesy
Massive Attack's Blue Lines (ambient) ♥ der666
Memoryhouse' The Years (dream pop) ♥ oceansandoceans & Thepostman89
Message to Bears' Departures ♥ koliba92
Nosaj Thing's Drift (ambient) ♥ der666
Nulix' Lifeflow ♥ Dreadstalker
Odd Nosdam's Level Live Wires ♥ Danielguerrav
Pantha du Prince 's Black Noise (minimal ambient techno) ♥ der666
Sense's Selected Moments Volume 1 ♥ Atmospheric7t7
The Fun Years' Baby, It's Cold Inside ♥ Green_Eggg
Yggdrasil's Prose Edda (psydub) ♥ Stormsaber

Latest Track Recommendations

Mehr Als Alles Andere by Bersarin Quartett (neoclassical) ♥ Teppichboden & pubertron
Bangla Soul by Baul Dimension (ambient) ♥ b-boy64i
My Veins Are Blocked by Boy is Fiction (ambient)
Strange by Hidden Orchestra (nu jazz)
Sinfonia by Ian Neal (chillout ambient) ♥ konii
Visioning Shared Tomorrows by Kuedo (ambient)
Anesthetic by Matryoshka (japanese chillout ambient) ♥ hanselda
When I Go to Sleep by S.maharba (ambient) ♥ felikspopelix
The Warm Familiar Smell Of September by Slow Dancing Society (mesmeric ambient) ♥ ianmullen & JimmyStacks
The Angelic Appearance by Vidna Obmana (ambient)
your wings make you fly by Winterlight (ambient) ♥ dogstarmusic
Riddlefish (Maiia Remix) by Yggdrasil (psydub) ♥ Stormsaber

Hidden Gems
Aqualung Has Broken by 2muchachos ♥ Magic_Windows
Inside by 36 ♥ Mvinicius563
Chrysalis by Auditory Canvas ♥ Missalis
Before and After Light by Cfcf ♥ Ayranpl
There's A Grey Cloud Above Us by Ethereal Beauty ♥ Meloprint
Hibernation by Healer ♥ Stormsaber
Cardiac Loop by Hills West ♥ Tooyoungtoohot
Suspended in the brightness by Hoopy Frood ♥ Barty1958
Space Harvester (Version) by Kids Indestructible ♥ Unod
Gate 5A by Kodomo ♥ Fraggit
Choclop by Krusseldorf ♥ Foldplop
A Thousand Pages by Lokua ♥ Emberek44
Caught In The Middle by Lusine Icl ♥ Marvinparks
A Positive Spirit by Marc Enfroy ♥ Johntmcneill
Sleep My Brother, Sleep by Marsen Jules ♥ Thespenner
Don't Bring Light into This Place by Mooma ♥ Musinum
until i grasp the second by Mr. Meeble ♥ Kraitrazer
Ghost In My Head by Niva ♥ Der-Philipp
Iceblink by Pass Into Silence ♥ Ayahuasca20
Homecoming by Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek ♥ Besix
Finally Moving by Pretty Lights ♥ Toyfactory
We Walk Fast by Saycet ♥ Nadcharline & Nebo_V_Symerkax
Senorita Tristeza by Scsi-9 ♥ Klubmetro
Void by Seekae ♥ Missalis
Inside by Sepalcure ♥ D_Bae
Inner World by Sounds From The Ground ♥ Teppichboden
Cities Grow On Trees by Soundtrax For The Non-Existing Movies ♥ Erasethegrey93
Unstacked by Still Blue Still Turning ♥ Rogeranselmo
Solomon's Curse by The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble ♥ Olelis
Transgenic by Trifonic ♥ Ayahuasca20
Deep Arch by Underworld ♥ Unkn0wnnumb3rs
Lengsel by Vàli ♥ Skyborn____
Beatific Vision by Valdi Sabev ♥ Johntmcneill
Icarus by White Hinterland ♥ Lesbionicgirl
Bleeding Riverbed by Sleeping Me ♥ yourmouthmyears
Compostion C For Neutral Space by Bedouin Ascent ♥ Unod
Room of Creation by Eitan Reiter ♥ Shiversdotlab
Blackened by Eric Fourman ♥ Unod
Humalog by Eric Fourman ♥ Unod
Floriography by Moddi ♥ Besix
Regentropfen by Zazie Von Einem Anderen Stern ♥ Besix

Underwater Tracks
Aqualung Has Broken by 2muchachos ♥ Magic_Windows
Margherita by Tom Middleton ♥ Unkn0wnnumb3rs
Shlohmo - For You, Part 2
Casino Versus Japan - Aquarium
Monster Rally - Deep Sea
Max Richter - Shadow Journal

Music Video Channel

Latest Music Video Recommendations Phase 05 - When the Worlds Collide by Solar Fields
Everything Ends by Min-Y-Llan
Take My Soul by Thievery Corporation
Flavia by Trills
Beauty by Yellow Slots

Our Members
Members Loved Tracks

Seahorse Dreams by Androcell (ambient) ♥ Itranscendence
Let It Go by Etro Anime (ambient) ♥ Vladiq
Keep the Streets Empty for Me by Fever Ray (ambient) ♥ Kopzz
White Diamond by Hatchback (ambient) ♥ Cpdomina
Make Sense and loose (Ulrich Schnauss Remix) by I'm not a Gun (ambient) ♥ Jcotteri
Falling by Jogger (ambient) ♥ Kristyanne
Brumal by Loess (ambient) ♥ Marvinparks
Eyen by Plaid (ambient) ♥ Sapjes
Up Ship! by Port Blue (ambient) ♥ Lucas2604
Radiance by Robin Guthrie (ambient) ♥ dogstarmusic
A Gentle Dissolve by Thievery Corporation (ambient) ♥ Marvinparks

Shared Loved Tracks

13 Angels Standing Guard 'round the Side of Your Bed by A Silver Mt. Zion (post-rock) ♥ Postdawn & felikspopelix
Alone in Kyoto by Air (ambient) ♥ postdawn & dogstarmusic
Vletrmx21 by Autechre (ambient) ♥ felikspopelix & kraenk
Forcasa 1 by Bola (ambient) ♥ Marvinparks & Atmospheric7t7
Indoor Swimming at the Space Station by Eluvium (ambient) ♥ TheShadowstorm & daniblackfish
To the Lighthouse by Memoryhouse (ambient) ♥ Lucas2604 & zsamot
Lift by Freescha (ambient) ♥ felikspopelix & beablossom
Amateur Cartography by Obfusc (ambient) ♥ TheShadowstorm & northcape
In Space by Röyksopp (ambient) ♥ TheShadowstorm & Drew8808
Born in a Tropical Swamp by Secede (ambient) ♥ Thespenner, Marvinparks & Athmospheric7T7
Signaling Through The Flames by The American Dollar (instrumental post-rock) ♥ intemperie & Jcotteri
... Passing By by Ulrich Schnauss (ambient) ♥ dogstarmusic & FilmerD

Members Top Tracks

Photograph by Air (ambient) ♥ terkaaa
Spiegel im Spiegel by Arvo Pärt (ambient) ♥ SaloTytan
Sleepy Seven by Bonobo (ambient) ♥ Teppichboden
Overline by Digitonal (ambient) ♥ guakanagary
Seraphim by Digitonal (ambient) ♥ guakanagary
Prelude for Time Feelers by Eluvium (ambient) ♥ verybadkungfu
Jet Stream by Emancipator (ambient) ♥ oreithiya
Nevergreen by Emancipator (ambient) ♥ oreithiya
Hayling by FC/Kahuna (ambient) ♥ Almost_Sissi
Everything Is Working by Games (ambient) ♥ emiiii001
A&E by Goldfrapp (ambient) ♥ VioletSilence
Kenotic by Hammock (ambient) ♥ tevesy
I Love My Harbour by Hundreds (ambient) ♥ Almost_Sissi
Heartbeats by José González (ambient) ♥ terkaaa
Independence by Landau (ambient) ♥ LeftofLeftfield
Lately (Deuxième) by Memoryhouse (ambient) ♥ SaloTytan & zsamot
Sunndreamm by MillionYoung (ambient) ♥ emiiii001
Drivethru Blues by Opgave (ambient) ♥ oreithiya
Invisible for All by Proem (ambient) ♥ guakanagary
Watching as She Reels by Rafael Anton Irisarri (ambient) ♥ emiiii001
Outside, Silence by Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd (ambient) ♥ RodionBuiny
Spangle (=Sp 03) by Seefeel (ambient) ♥ Fatcaesar
Casual Diamond by Sleep ∞ Over (ambient) ♥ emiiii001
Despicable Dogs by Small Black (ambient) ♥ emiiii001
These Words by Solar Captive (ambient) ♥ mazobe
Breathe by Télépopmusik (ambient) ♥ Almost_Sissi & x_annab_x
A Paw in My Face by The Field (ambient) ♥ LeftofLeftfield
Miles and Miles by The Flashbulb (ambient) ♥ themoonhowler
Black Swan by Thom Yorke (ambient) ♥ Almost_Sissi
Take Me Into Your Skin by Trentemøller (ambient) ♥ Koliba92
Nattfrost by Ulf Söderberg (ambient) ♥ nakakana
The Birds Don't Fly This High by Lone (ambient) ♥ Oeroerg

Shared Top Tracks

Useless Information by Apparat (chill idm) ♥ Clawed6, mondscheingasse & kraenk
Amine by Arovane (idm ambient) ♥ beablossom, artofnothing & Atmospheric7T7
Norway by Beach House (dream pop) ♥ ewanjames & lukasyaro
Snowflake Vectors by Digitonal (idm ambient) ♥ Kraenk & kristyanne
Soon It Will Be Cold Enough to Build Fires by Emancipator (downtempo) ♥ Dylandutra & oreithiya
14:31 by Global Communication (space ambient) ♥ omega_switch22b & pubertron
The House Where We Grew Up by Hammock (atmospheric post-rock) ♥ ianmullen & Postdawn
Twice by Little Dragon (trip-hop) ♥ ALEXL1980, dlaire & Fatcaesar
Couer Saignant by Marsen Jules (ambient) ♥ ALEXL1980, kellplanet & ianmullen
Teardrop by Massive Attack (trip-hop) ♥ meloprint, Arrcardo, Bombazook, terkaaa & kellplanet
My Sun Shines Through Your Rain by bvdub (ambient) ♥ red-green-blue
The Rip by Portishead (trip-hop) ♥ Arrcardo, dogstarmusic, ewanjames & Syme
The Evil That Never Arrived by Stars of the Lid (drone ambient) ♥ le_berger & ewanjames
Ybe 76 by Subheim (piano ambient) ♥ idmbreak & Clawed6
Softness of Senses by Xela (chillout ambient) ♥ ianmullen & JimmyStacks
Destiny by Zero 7 (downtempo lounge) ♥ kellplanet & lewalee

Members Top Albums

Airliner's Self-Destruct Pt. 1 (ambient) ♥ Sulphur, Oeroerg
Ametsub's The Nothings of The North (ambient) ♥ Glendement, Gotawesome, Kraenk
Amiina's Kurr (ambient) ♥ Kraenk, Oeroerg
B. Fleischmann's The Humbucking Coil (ambient) ♥ Ianmullen, Postdawn
Bent's Programmed to Love (ambient) ♥ Felikspopelix, Ianmullen, Kristyanne
Blockhead's Music By Cavelight (ambient) ♥ Drew8808, Kristyanne
Bola's Soup (ambient) ♥ Postdawn, Atmospheric7t7, Glendement
Carbon Based Lifeforms' Hydroponic Garden (ambient) ♥ Kristyanne, Red-Green-Blue
Floex' Pocustone (ambient) ♥ Kraenk, Kristyanne
Isabel's Dream's Monomara EP (ambient) ♥ Dogstarmusic, Ianmullen
Isan's Plans Drawn In Pencil (ambient) ♥ Patjng, Postdawn
John Maus' We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves (ambient) ♥ Atnight, Beablossom
Jónsi And Alex' Riceboy Sleeps (ambient) ♥ Felikspopelix, Sivabo
July Skies' Dreaming Of Spires (ambient) ♥ Ianmullen, Postdawn
Kangding Ray's Automne Fold (ambient) ♥ Gotawesome, Kraenk
Kelpe's Sea Inside Body (ambient) ♥ Jcotteri, Kraenk
Max Richter's 24 Postcards in Full Colour (ambient) ♥ Glendement, Kraenk
Mr. Projectile's Sinking (ambient) ♥ Kraenk, Kristyanne
Sleepy Town Manufacture's Inspired By You (Sutemos016) (ambient) ♥ Atmospheric7t7, Postdawn
Subheim's Approach (ambient) ♥ Jcotteri, Kristyanne
The American Dollar's Ambient One (ambient) ♥ Jcotteri, Red-Green-Blue
The Field's From Here We Go Sublime (ambient) ♥ Jcotteri, Sivabo
The Klf's Chill Out (ambient) ♥ Atmospheric7t7, Gotawesome
Tim Hecker's Harmony In Ultraviolet (ambient) ♥ Felikspopelix, Kraenk
Tomáš Dvořák's Machinarium (ambient) ♥ Kristyanne, Oeroerg

Shared Top Albums

Casino Versus Japan's Whole Numbers Play the Basics (ambient) ♥ Felikspopelix, Patjng
Christ.'s Blue Shift Emissions (ambient) ♥ Jcotteri, Kraenk, Kristyanne
Dfrnt's Metafiction (ambient) ♥ Drew8808, Kristyanne
Dimlite's Prismic Tops (ambient) ♥ Drew8808, Sulphur, Kristyanne
Dntel's Life Is Full of Possibilities (ambient) ♥ Ianmullen, Kristyanne
Esem's Scateren (ambient) ♥ Atmospheric7t7, Ianmullen, Kraenk
Freescha's Kids Fill the Floor (ambient) ♥ Beablossom, Ianmullen, Postdawn
Grizzly Bear's Veckatimest (ambient) ♥ Beablossom, Der666, Patjng
Kona Triangle's Sing a New Sapling into Existence (ambient) ♥ Drew8808, Sulphur, Oeroerg
Love Spirals Downwards' Idylls (ambient) ♥ Dogstarmusic, Postdawn
Manual's Lost Days, Open Skies and Streaming Tides (ambient) ♥ Ianmullen, Postdawn
Mount Kimbie's Crooks & Lovers (ambient) ♥ Drew8808, Glendement, Kraenk, Kristyanne
Nicolas Jaar's Space Is Only Noise (ambient) ♥ Glendement, Kraenk, Kristyanne
Ochre's A Midsummer Nice Dream (ambient) ♥ Sulphur, Kraenk, Postdawn
Orange Crush's Autumn Reflections (ambient) ♥ Beablossom,´ Ianmullen, Patjng
Pantha Du Prince's Black Noise (ambient) ♥ Beablossom, Kraenk, Sivabo, Der666
Paul White's Paul White & The Purple Brain (ambient) ♥ Sulphur, Oeroerg
Proem's Socially Inept (ambient) ♥ Beablossom, Ianmullen, Kristyanne, Postdawn
Secede's Bye Bye Gridlock Traffic (ambient) ♥ Jcotteri, Kraenk, Postdawn
Slow Dancing Society's The Slow and Steady Winter (ambient) ♥ Ianmullen, Postdawn
Teebs' Ardour (ambient) ♥ Drew8808, Sulphur, Glendement
The Daysleeperss Drowned In a Sea of Sound (ambient) ♥ Nihiliann, Postdawn
The Dead Texan's The Dead Texan (ambient) ♥ Dogstarmusic, Postdawn
The Flashbulb's Arboreal (ambient) ♥ Sulphur, Fatcaesar, Glendement

Members Top Artists

Andrew Chalk (ambient) ♥ banjaxed_06
Arvo Pärt (ambient) ♥ Atemwende
Bark Psychosis (ambient) ♥ Spreadblood4
Celer (ambient) ♥ anticitizenone_
Chihei Hatakeyama (ambient) ♥ Banjaxed_06, Piedpaper
Deaf Center (ambient) ♥ Atemwende, Spreadblood4
Ducktails (ambient) ♥ Cabeshpash, Piedpaper
Dustin O'Halloran (ambient) ♥ antihumans
Emanuele Errante (ambient) ♥ Airless_Mk
Erik Satie (ambient) ♥ Banjaxed_06, Spreadblood4
Field Rotation (ambient) ♥ Antihumans, Foldplop
ISHQ (ambient) ♥ Atmospheric7t7, Foldplop
Jürgen Müller (ambient) ♥ Banjaxed_06
King Creosote & Jon Hopkins (ambient) ♥ Sivabo
Labradford (ambient) ♥ Piedpaper
Marihiko Hara (ambient) ♥ Sivabo
Mathias Grassow & Thomas Weiss (ambient) ♥ Piedpaper
Nest (ambient) ♥ Spreadblood4
Pjusk (ambient) ♥ Foldplop
Rafael Anton Irisarri (ambient) ♥ Antihumans
Rhian Sheehan (ambient) ♥ Sivabo
Richard Skelton (ambient) ♥ Atemwende
Ryoji Ikeda (ambient) ♥ Piedpaper
Secret Frequency Crew (ambient) ♥ Airless_Mk
Shuta Hasunuma (ambient) ♥ Kraenk, Rubyharvest
Solo Andata (ambient) ♥ Anticitizenone_
Thomas Köner (ambient) ♥ Atemwende
Tujiko Noriko (ambient) ♥ Atemwende
Zbigniew Preisner (ambient) ♥ Antihumans

Shared Top Artists

Ólafur Arnalds (ambient) ♥ Anticitizenone_, Koliba92, Sivabo
A Winged Victory for the Sullen (ambient) ♥ Anticitizenone_, Spreadblood4, skinship
Brian McBride (ambient) ♥ anticitizenone_, cabeshpash, spreadblood4
Eluvium (ambient) ♥ Banjaxed_06, Anticitizenone_, Cabeshpash, Loulou311
Fennesz (ambient) ♥ Anticitizenone_, Spreadblood4, Atemwende
Goldmund (ambient) ♥ Anticitizenone_, Antihumans, Atemwende, Spreadblood4
Grouper (ambient) ♥ anticitizenone_, antihumans, piedpaper, spreadblood4
Harold Budd/Brian Eno (ambient) ♥ Atemwende, Banjaxed_06, Fatceasar
Jóhann Jóhannsson (ambient) ♥ antihumans, atemwende
Jónsi & Alex (ambient) ♥ Echeloneffect, Fatceasar, Sivabo
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma (ambient) ♥ Atemwende, Spreadblood4
John Foxx & Harold Budd (ambient) ♥ Antihumans, Fatcaesar
Library Tapes (ambient) ♥ Anticitizenone_, Fatcaesar
Lone (ambient) ♥ Cabeshpash, Faetcaesar, Loulou311
Max Richter (ambient) ♥ Kraenk, Loulou311, Spreadblood4
Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek (ambient) ♥ Anticitizenone_, Antihumans
Peter Broderick (ambient) ♥ Anticitizenone_, Loulou311, Sivabo, Antihumans
Proem (ambient) ♥ Atmospheric7t7, Foldplop, Faetcaesar, Kraenk
Robert Rich (ambient) ♥ Piedpaper, Banjaxed_06
Sylvain Chauveau (ambient) ♥ Antihumans, Koliba92
Takagi Masakatsu (ambient) ♥ Airless_Mk, Rubyharvest
The Cinematic Orchestra (ambient) ♥ Fatceasar, Koliba92
Tim Hecker (ambient) ♥ Airless_Mk, Anticitizenone_, Atemwende, Kraenk, Loulou311, Piedpaper, Spreadblood4
Windy & Carl (ambient) ♥ Anticitizenone_, Cabeshpash, Piedpaper

New and Upcoming Releases

??? Please recommend new stuff :-) ???
Boards of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest ~ jcotteri

Free Downloads
Free Tracks

I am looking for free legal official downloads of atmospheric music,
(what we are listening to in this group). High Quality MP3 and FLACs are preferred and music from netlabels is also very welcome!
Be Brave by Sinq (ambient) free download ♥ d_bae
Lylac (Helios Remix) by :papercutz (ambient) free download ♥ d_bae
Things by Adam & Alma (Indietronica) free download ♥ ???
Things Weren't Always This Way by Ben Woods (ambient) free download ♥ Atmospheric7T7
Dancing Curtains by Crisopa (ambient) free download ♥ airless_mk
Touch by Holy Other (ambient) free download ♥ ???
Odyssey by Jvox (ambient) free download
At The Top Of This Hill by Message to Bears (ambient) free download ♥ koliba92
Newport Riverbed by Midmir (ambient) free download ♥ sulphur
Hello Dawn Horizon by Mooma (ambient) free download ♥ Atmospheric7T7
Choral by Mountains (ambient) free download ♥ emiiii001
Arctic Sun and Weather Experiment by Deepspace (ambient) free download
Unter by Nils Frahm (ambient) free download ♥ ???
Float by Praveen (ambient) free download
Silver Satellite by Proton Kinoun (ambient) free download ♥ Atmospheric7T7
Memory Table PT2 by Secede (ambient) free download ♥ Atmospheric7T7
Night Rain by Stray Theories (ambient) free download ♥ koliba92
Nobility Of Loneliness by The Echelon Effect (ambient) free download
Moot by hypermagic (ambient) free download ♥ vivazwei

Free Albums
Andrew Lahiff's Ambient Pieces Vol. 1 ♥ Shotiko
Crane's Dreams' August Fogs ♥ Cliquott
Crisopa' [escala 1:6] Last Membrane ♥ ???
Oliver Tanks' Dreams ♥ ???

2muchachos ♥ Magic_Windows
Ansiform ♥ TheSpenner
Ben Woods ♥ ???
Blackbird Blackbird ♥ Red-Green-Blue
Death by Panda ♥ Chust
Henrik José ♥ Bombazook
Hypermagic ♥ vivazwei
LAKE R▲DIO ♥ neckbeard27
Miktek ♥ Clawed6
milky toad ♥ Magic_Windows
My Cats a Stargazer ♥ rikography
Raphaël D. Hardy ♥ Kun-Kun
same nice lamb ♥ dontlikedrugs
Sinq ♥ red-green-blue & dontlikedrugs

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Rafting Starlit Everglades by Baths ♥ We, Balanced, The Arctic Circle & Warm Electronica
Theory of Machines by Ben Frost ♥ Headphone Commute, Space Ambient & Subtle Soundfields
In by Boy is Fiction ♥ Ambient Music for Escapists, Headphone Commute, Music To Sleep To & Sweetronica
Keep by Nils Frahm ♥ Ambient Music Fans, The Arctic Circle, Warm Electronica & our group
Rainbow Blood by Tim Hecker ♥ We, Ambient Music for Escapists, Subtle Soundfields, The Arctic Circle
between joy by Winterlight ♥ Balanced, Music To Sleep To, Permanent Dreaming, Sweetronica, the electrified explorers

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Mushrooms Season (ambient)
Monolismethic (ambient)
Breezewax (ambient)
excursion_radio (ambient)
mnemonic45 (ambient)
Mp3 Monument (ambient)
Phantom Vibration (ambient)
... I need some time, it's a lot of work ;-)

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